Order of Battle: Pacific - Review

   13/05/2015 at 19:16       CLAYTON CLIVE       0 COMMENTS.
It's been a busy week. I've moved house. There has been a heartbreaking election night. And worse of all, worse than five more years of that guy. I had to paint. When I finally got the chance to sink my teeth in to Order of Battle: Pacific, I wasn't going to loosen my jaw.  Order of Battle was developed by The Aristocrats and published by Slitherine, I have never once been disappointed by a game published by Slitherine so I felt positive. I felt like I was in sa...
Plough With Your Chums in Farming Simulator 15

   07/05/2015 at 14:29       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Virtual green fingered gamers will finally be able to live the full "Farming experience", the same one that has already enraptured over one million PC players with its latest version: all its content, its activities, its vehicles and, only on PS4 and Xbox One, the online cooperative multiplayer mode! Inviting other players in your game opens many opportunities for developing your farm: increase your productivity by sharing tasks or co-operating on bigger tasks and develop your farm faster tha...
Tower of Guns Review

   24/04/2015 at 11:50       N H       0 COMMENTS.
Tower of Guns has a deceptively simple premise: get gun & run. Tasked with ascending through the eponymous ‘Tower of Guns’, one is faced with numerous other guns, with only your gun to protect you. Guns guns guns. It’s good fun, and pretty impressive in certain respects, but on first impressions it can fall rather flat, and it may not have the legs one might hope. It’s a ‘roguelike’, in that you have one life with which to beat...
Titanfall Season Pass is FREE Right Now!

   11/03/2015 at 08:56       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Electronic Art's pretty bloody brilliant multiplayer robot smash-em-up has a lovely surprise for you Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners today. If you check out Xbox.com you'll find that the season pass will now cost you nothing, nada, zip. This is grand news if you've managed to pick up the game cheaply lately, or hell, get the pass then make your way directly to the shops and pick up the main game proper. It's worth it, some of the DLC maps are beautiful. No free pass for P...
The Escapists Xbox One Review

   09/03/2015 at 13:02       N H       1 COMMENTS.
The Escapists recently released on X1 and on PC, where it has been cooking away in Early Access for some time, is a top-down pixel prison puzzler. Taking control of a customisable inmate (best named something absurd, so the guards frequently make themselves look stupid by yelling your name to all four grey walls), you must navigate the inmate rivalries, material shortages, guard brutality and warden waffling of prison life, to achive a singular goal: escape.  This takes ...
Hand of Fate Review

   25/02/2015 at 19:40       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Dare you risk the Hand of Fate. The dealer lays down the magical cards in front of you, it's up to you which you turn over first. It could ask you to outwit a Goblin, or share your food with a wandering priest, It could be a straight up ambush by foul creatures wanting to slake their blood thirst. Only one thing is for sure. You won't know until you turn it over. The first thing that struck me about Hand of Fate was how pretty it was, and all it was showing me was th...
Take a Look at Shiftlings.

   09/02/2015 at 17:02       CHRIS OTOOLE       1 COMMENTS.
Those helpful corporate overlords at Zomegacorp have released a new training video to introduce you to the probably-safe and exciting gameplay of Shiftlings, the upcoming physics-based puzzle platformer from Sierra and Rock Pocket Games.  This brand new in-game footage shows our two heroes, tethered together by a single air hose, inflating and deflating their way across the many traps and challenges that Zomegacorp is in no way liable for. You’ll get plenty of enco...
Saints Row IV Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell Review

   05/02/2015 at 12:39       CHRIS OTOOLE       1 COMMENTS.
Saints Row started life as a pretty forgettable Grand Theft Auto alike, but Volition took the concept and forged some solid gold in the second and third incarnations, and now along comes Saints Row IV Re-Elected. Your gang have become so famous after the city saving antics of the last game that riding on your popularity and yet more America saving actions, actually allows you to become elected as the President of the good old U.S of A. Unfortunately your cushy job d...
Get Some Arrow with your Batman

   13/01/2015 at 16:22       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Look out Bruce Wayne, a new high profile billionaire is coming to LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham!  The new Arrow Pack, inspired by the hit TV series and featuring Stephen Amell as Green Arrow once stranded on an island, will be available for download tomorrow in the UK for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, for £2.55. Check out Green Arrow in action below, plus get a glimpse of Slade Wilson, Black Canary and Malcolm Merlyn and let's face it, who wouldn't wa...
Bang Man Now Available on Apple Devices! Yay!

   13/01/2015 at 13:43       CHRIS OTOOLE       2 COMMENTS.
Following its Android release late last month, iOS owners can now compete for title of ‘Best Banger’ in Bang Man! – the insanely difficult, minimalist platform game which has been keeping Android users entertained since release just before Christmas, and is now available in the App Store, for free here.  The game sees players attempt to defend Earth from an infinite wave of alien s...
Let Derek Acorah Put the Willies Up You with this Saints Row Competition

   09/01/2015 at 11:34       CHRIS OTOOLE       1 COMMENTS.
Confront your demons in style by getting hold of your very own Wee-Ja Board, exclusively when you pre-order Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell in the UK from GAME.  Saints Row fans who send their best photos playing the Wee-Ja Board to Deep Silver will be entered into a competition to win an exclusive terrifying night of ghost hunting with three friends and the UK's number 1 spirit medium and professional scouser Derek Acorah, courtesy of Haunted Events UK.  "I'm e...
Bang Man! Blasts on to Android Devices

   15/12/2014 at 13:16       CHRIS OTOOLE       2 COMMENTS.
Imagine a game in which a square man has to blast other four-sided enemies – but firing his weapon could send him toppling to his doom. That’s the basis for Bang Man! a new, frenetic platform shooter which is available now for Android devices. Developed by Simon Byron, whose previous mobile title Up, Down, Left, Right has been downloaded over 5,000 times, Bang Man! is a fiendishly simple game which sees the titular hero fending off an endless wav...
Metrocide - PC Review

   12/12/2014 at 12:04       CLAYTON CLIVE       0 COMMENTS.
Metrocide takes you to the cyberpunk Metro City, in this hellish dystopian municipality every move is watched by CCTV cameras, police drones circle above and the rain never stops. You, TJ Trench, need to buy some travel permits and get out of the city. And of course contract killing is the only way, despite the disappointing pay... This is Bladerunner, the original GTA and Hitman all rolled into one. Metrocide is an unforgiving ride, th...
Help Save the Lot in Cities: Skylines

   12/12/2014 at 10:59       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Paradox Interactive have a brand new trailer for Cities: Skylines the upcoming city simulation game from Colossal Order to show off, and also detailed a new initiative for future city planners where you can contribute to the creation of a city park that can be enjoyed in-game upon the title’s release. They have opened up the “Save the Lot” campaign where you can sign up and help create a beautiful in-game item for Cities: Skylines - a tranquil Japan...
Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One Review

   11/12/2014 at 12:26       CHRIS OTOOLE       3 COMMENTS.
What can I say about Grand Theft Auto Five that hasn't already been written? Well I can do a recap, tell you a bit about its new bells and whistles and finish up with a conclusion, maybe even pop a score at the end if you're lucky. Nah, I will, that's what they (don't) pay me for. For those that have been living in their Grandma's underknicker drawer for the past year and a half, GTA V sees you hopping between the various shoes of three bad boys living in or about th...
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Not actually a protein. Go on, google it.

Derek Acorah ain't putting his willy anywhere near me.
Wanted to like this but couldn't get on with the fiddly controls.
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shitflings? wtf disgusting
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Good review Chris! Seems to be a bit of a halfway house for the transition to now-gen.
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