Church of England describes videogames as "a sewer of gratuitously violent and sexual pornography".

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Source - Metro
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A representative from the Church of England in Oxfordshire has come out in attack of videogames following plans to overhaul the laws governing their sale in the UK.

Thomas Benyon, a member of the General Synod in Oxfordshire claims that:

""There is a bubbling sewer of gratuitously violent and sexual pornography and DVD games all around us,

"Family breakdown and resulting chaos means more and more children are without parental control and because they have computers and monitors in their rooms, they are able to access violent material in secrecy."

"Some games, especially those designed as a first person shooter experience, feature extreme graphic violence and sexual scenes,"
he stated before adding that games may desensitise the young.

This is typical right-wing scapegoating and yet again continues the trend for passing the blame back to videogames instead of addressing the bigger issue which is of course that of bad parenting. A lot of these so-called nasties are adult-rated games and meant to be experienced by adults only, yet somehow seem to be played and more worryingly, enjoyed, by an increasing number of kids and teenagers.

This follows hot on the heels of news that 'Supernanny' Jo Frost performed her own, completely unscientific study which conveniently 'proved' the desensitising effect that videogames have on the young and easily sculped.
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