OnLive demonstrated at DICE Event to a gasping audience

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When the OnLive streaming gaming service was first announced a while back, various industry pundits and techheads scoffed loudly and repeatedly at the bold claims of the developers.

Offering high definition gaming as a streamed service, various industry insiders claimed the system simply would not work, not now, not ever. Control lag issues and the vagaries of broadband services around the globe were highlighted as key reasons streaming gaming would fall flat on its face. At the recent DICE Summit, OnLive developers Steve Perlman and Mike McGarvey demonstrated the service playing games such as Crysis and Burnout Paradise streamed via a Cable-enabled networked PC.

Apparently, control lag was vaguely detectable and the service offered smooth framerates and slick visuals. Not a match for an installed game on a high-end rig but by no means the glitchy and unresponsive service naysayers had imagined.

So is the future of gaming heading in the same direction as the future of music? Down a turbulent stream?

Who knows. Put it this way, unless I move house I won't be bothering as my internet connection is from the stone age. Bah.
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