Commodore 64 to make comeback

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Source - Commodore USA
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Readers of a certain age will look back fondly on the Commodore 64. A home computer with the equivalent processing power of a modern day Sky remote. With its gorgeous beige case with properly sexual rounded corners, its deliberately substantial and tactile keys that made a satisfying clunk when you hit them and its now prehistoric graphic capabilities, the C64 was the Xbox 360 of the early 80s. Or was it the PS3? I can't even remember.

AllAboutTheGames screenshotsAnyway, before I get even more starry eyed it seems the old behemoth is making something of a comeback. And rather surprisingly under its new guise as a PC.

Commodore USA has released a new device called the Commodore Phoenix. A gorgeous piece of kit that takes its inspiration from the 80s classic but brings it in to the 21st centruy with a 500GB HDD, 4GB of RAM, Blu-Ray or DVD support and all the ports and doo-dahs you'd expect from a modern day slim-line PC.

The Commodore Phoenix is available to order (Worldwide) from the Commodore USA website and ranges in price from $499 - $699.

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