"Official" Xbox 360 USB Memory Sticks to cost an arm and a leg

   30/03/2010 at 13:26       Phil May       4 COMMENTS.
Source - Gamestop
 - Microsoft, USB, Xbox 360, Memory Storage, Rip off

In keeping with its extremely expensive hard disk solutions for the Xbox 360, Microsoft will also be reaming your wallet if you're stupid enough to pick up one of the "Official" MS Memory Sticks for your USB ports.

According to a Gamestop (US) price list, USB sticks with the official branded MS colours and manufacturer stamps will set you back betwen $46 and $70. According to the current exchange rate, in brit money 16gb will cost you around the £50 mark.

A swift bit of Amazon marketplace browsing shows that you can buy third party 16gb sticks for as little at £15. These, of course, will work perfectly well in the 360 once the upcoming Memory Storage update rolls out.

Do you really want to pay an extra £35 just for the dubious privilege of having a robot-puke-green memory stick hanging out of the front of your machine? Thought not.

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