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   23/04/2010 at 08:07       Alice O'Toole       5 COMMENTS. - Score 3/5
 - Faceez, Nintendo DSi, DSiWare, Neko Entertainment, 200 points

Editor's Note:

Here at AllAboutTheGames we pride ourselves on the fact that our community contributors put pen to paper about games and apps you will spend your hard earned cash on. Father and Daughter reviewing team Chris and Alice O'Tool take a look at a new photo application for the Nintendo DSi. Faceez, from Neko Entertainment is available on the DSiWare store for 200 points, 

Chris: On being given Faceez for review, I decided to let my daughter review it, as not only is she the target market, being eleven, the Dsi also belongs to her, so take it away Alice!


For 200 points Faceez was very good. It was easy to upload, and it is extremely easy to use. With the menu with pictures and writing on, it was easy to select what you wanted, and you could also just watch the top screen on the menu page as the little Faceez (or 'faeces') people run around the screen with all of the different 'outlines' on.

The camera was easy to use, too, although it was hard to get my face in position at first. I think it would have been even more fun if there had been little adventure type games to play, although I did enjoy the disguise game where you could dress your Faceez person up in a hat, wig, moustache, glasses etc.

The background game was a bit of a let down though as it only provided one background and you could only have your own pictures as backgrounds, though it was extremely easy to use as you just click on the button with the camera on, and take a picture of whatever is in front of you. The animate game was really fun, though, as you could create your little Faceez person's emotions and movements. And last but not least, I liked the way you could save the pictures onto your DSi pictures album and from there download them to Facebook.

My friend Ebony and I had a go on the game, and she said that the best qualities of it were the facial expressions, as she was highly amused by them, and she liked the disguise game the most as when she put all of the stuff on her 'Faceez' person, she couldn't recognise herself, and she liked all of the little props as well. Dad (or 'evilashchris' as you may know him), liked all of the little squiggly outlines and dances that the little strange 'Faceez' people could do on the different games.


I would recommend this game for absolutely anyone who enjoys a bit of fun! Girls and boys, oldies and youngies, it really doesn't matter! Ebony and I liked it, and Dad and Mum liked it, so there are your mixes of sexes and ages, and really it's just a bit of random, good fun!

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