Things I would like to see in Uncharted 3

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Ok, first of all I am a big fan of Uncharted 2. That game was the best game I played last year. Hell it’s probably one of the greatest games ive ever played. But here are some things that could make Uncharted 3 the greatest game of all time in my opinion.

Melee Weapons:

Come on guys! Nathan Drake + swords = win. Swordfights fit the genre that Drake is in - that classic pulp cinema feeling.  If Indiana Jones can have his whip then Drake needs his melee weapons. It would also add more variety to the game as well - maybe when Nate finds himself without a gun in future games, why not have him pick up a broom. Now that would be funny.

More none lethal ways to take down enemies:

Numerous times I've heard Naughty Dog reference Nate as an everyman, but the guy kills quite a lot of people throughout both Uncharted games. One of my personal favourite touches in Among Thieves was Lazearevic calling out Nate for being a mass murderer. It's true, he kills quite a lot of guys. And for what? Treasure? More moments like that please ND.

Better boss battles or alternatively no boss battles:

The weakest gameplay element in both Uncharted games so far has undoubtedly been the boss battles.
If there are to be boss battles in the next game, then they have to surprise us and be fun as so far they have been far from it. I also think the series could benefit from getting rid of boss battles altogether. That way Naughty Dog could concentrate their resources elsewhere, like for instance on more set-pieces.

More Sully:

Sully was only in Uncharted 2 for roughly a chapter. Come on Naughty Dog, the guy is hilarious, he has to feature more often. I wouldn’t mind playing as him either, even though that’s incredibly unlikely.

This rounds off my personal wishlist for Uncharted 3 as you can tell I love this franchise and I trust Naughty Dog to continue making amazing games.

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peej - on 29/04/2010 at 10:12 wrote:
Nice article! Personal "wants" list would be something like

1) Less QTE. They had cut down on 'em in Uncharted 2. Keep up the good work, Naughty Dog

2) More vehicles. Really loved the jeep bit in the first Uncharted. Something else like that would be awesome

3) Don't treat us like we're thick. Need some good meaty puzzles to get our teeth into.

4) More tomb-raider-style acrobatics. Again though there were loads more in U2 than in U1 so it's getting better.

5) Cut down on the gunplay. Shooty bits were much improved in U2 but I'd still like to see more of a game focus on exploring and mystery stuff rather than shooting the crap out of respawning baddies.

Ace stuff Thomas, more like this please!

NewYork - on 29/04/2010 at 11:00 wrote:
It's odd how psychologically well-adjusted ol' Nate is considering how many people he has killed and all the horror he has seen.

peej - on 29/04/2010 at 11:25 wrote:
Ahhh under the surface he's tortured, you can tell he's tortured :)

Flying_Pig - on 29/04/2010 at 11:35 wrote:
I agree with much of the article. I actually really enjoyed the sneaky museum mission, where it was all about getting through unnoticed.

The stealth and melee aspects in U2 were a vast improvement over U1, and became a genuine gameplay option.

Again, while the gunplay was great in U2, I want to see more exploration and acrobatics.

And I hated the final boss fight. Just awful.

The Hindle - on 30/04/2010 at 18:43 wrote:
Hey thanks for the feedback guys.

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