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 - Bank Run, Levers, Egg Drop Arcade 2, iPhone, iPod Touch

It's the merry month of May, and is this particular May a merry monk? Maybe so. Recent splurges on the iTunes store have pumped a bit of life into my flagging interest in iPod Touch gaming so I'm here to share my wealth of bounteous joy with you

First up, a game that splices together hilariously out-of-place live action video with twitch gaming. Step forward Bank Run, a game by SilkTricky. Shat upon by your employer (we've all been there, right?) fed up with your girlfriend, what's a well dressed cube nerd to do but go on a gun-toting rampage.

Bank Run Lite offers you the chance to sample the delights of the full game, available from the Bank Run website. It's perfect fodder for the iPhone / iPod Touch, but I can't help thinking I've seen it all before somewhere. It feels a bit Mad Dog McCree-ish but in a modern setting, and the side-on Robocop-game-alike is a hoot. Check out the trailer below to see if you fancy being Jason Statham for the day:

Bank Run on iTunes (Free)

Next, a rather artistic puzzler that works as a stress reliever. It's so chilled out and blissful that it could be the perfect antidote to a stressful Thursday filled with political machinations, the general election and all that bollocks. Pick up Levers and start piecing together artistic balanced mobiles by hanging different shapes and struts together. It's one of those simple ideas that grows on you, and it looks beautiful so it's worth a look. Trailer below: 

Last but not least, there's a novel twist on Peggle with Egg Drop Arcade 2, a simple physics based game. With full N+ support it's a quirky puzzler that dishes out level after level of satisfying gameplay. What's more, it's on offer for 59p at the moment, or you can just be a cheapwad like me and pick up the free version here.

Trailer below, below, ho ho:

That's about it for this week's roundup. Happy voting, and if you vote the Tories back in I'm going to personally come round to your house and do a big shiny Linda McCartney style dump on your doormat. Just wait.

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