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Denki Blocks is on the App Store. Denki Blocks...

Flash back a few years to the arrival of the Nintendo DS to our shores. Many 'fill my slot' type threads were cropping up on gaming forums, inviting recommendations for GBA games to play alongside the new DS carts. I was responsible for one such thread.

Now, if I had any sense at all, I'd have paid far more attention than I did to the one mention of Denki Blocks I received. Yes, I Googled it. Yes it looked appealing. It's a block based puzzler; block based puzzlers are right up my street.  Yet it was overlooked in favour of... Well, that's where my memory gives out on me.

Denki Blocks is on the App Store.

Time to right that wrong.

A series of coloured blocks appear on screen, to complete the level all blocks of matching colour need to be joined together. As soon as they touch, they join. Permanently. Simple? Lets complicate matters by saying that when you move blocks, they all move. Together. At once. This is where the environment comes in. Use the layout of the level to block certain pieces from moving and manipulate them into place. It's still simple, but bloody brilliant.

You'll fly through the first few levels (arranged in groups of 16), opening up the next set on completion of 10 – but I guarantee you'll play these again. Your score for the level is based on time taken, moves taken and whether you complete the 'master challenge'. This challenge is based on a time limit, a move limit or manipulating blocks into a particular shape (or different coloured blocks into matching shapes). Your brain will hurt (mine is, re-reading what I've just written) but you'll keep playing. Finish them and you're rewarded with a star. Collect 12 stars from a set of 16 puzzles and... Well, it's a secret.

As you'd expect, a free trial of the game is available and deserves your time. The full version is £2.99 at launch; a small price to pay if you have any love at all for tactile block shifting puzzle games - simply because you won't play many better than Denki Blocks.

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