Moto Racing GP - iPhone Review

   30/08/2010 at 10:41       Drew Bower       1 COMMENTS. - Score 2/5
 - Moto Racing GP, Darxun Games, Superbikes, iPhone, Arcade Racer

Having previously reviewed Darxun Game’s first iPhone racing game Xtreme Quad Racing I was curious to see how they had progressed with their latest iPhone racer Moto Racing GP. Whilst not being overly impressed by Xtreme Quad Racing, I gave plenty of encouragement and thus was hopeful of seeing lots of improvement. However, after playing the game I am sorely tempted to copy and paste my previous review and simply substitute any reference to bikes with 4 wheels for those that use two…

But I’ll try to write something different!

Let’s start with positives, as there are actually quite a few. Firstly, the game looks great. Bikes and riders are modelled well and look very realistic. As are the tracks which help give a true Superbike Grand Prix feeling. Most impressively is how the two are combined as the game shifts along at a tremendous pace. The bikes are seriously fast – almost perhaps too fast for accelerometer controls. The highly paced action leaves little option but to wildly slam your rider into corners in order to keep up with the other riders.

This links to a disappointing similarity to Xtreme Quad Racing, where the fast pace, accelerometer controls and highly skilled CPU bikes, leads to a quite evil difficulty level. Even playing on easy, one or two mistakes often end up with not simply losing the race, but being lapped by all three opponents. Now that can’t be right! And needless to say, constantly losing heavily does not encourage repeat plays.

Playing Moto Racing GP is an entirely frustrating experience and quite disheartening. There is certainly a fun arcade racer waiting to spring out here, as there was with Xtreme Quad Racing. But Darxun Games just needs to spend a little more time fine tuning the mechanics of the game to strike a better balance between speed and control. I really hope they do, because they have done the hard part in getting the game to run smoothly and obviously spent time making everything look impressive.

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