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   16/09/2010 at 14:45       Phil May       1 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - Graveyard Shift, PunBros Games, iPhone, iPod, iPad

Physics / ragdoll based games are now ten-a-penny on the iTunes store so it's nice to see a new game put together with utterly flawless presentation in order to flog an idea that's not particularly new or innovative, just very well done. Graveyard Shift by PunBros Games feels like a cross between Saving Private Sheep and Finger Physics, but the graveyard / skeleton setting and superb artwork helps lift the title above the usual 59p dreck.

What's more you can give a very satisfying and lengthy lite version a go before you leap in and spend all that money on the full fat version.

Basically the idea is to get a floppy skeleton chap from one point on the screen into his coffin elsewhere. You only have the force of gravity to help you at first, but later on extra powerups and special items help you propel the ragdoll bonebag to rest in peace, at least until the next level.

Kicking off with some superbly rendered intro screens and bags of eye candy, Graveyard Shift doesn't over-egg the physics fun and the simple tap-to-play controls ensure that the gameplay is smooth and fun, and the challenge of getting old bonio-brains to the goal is a pleasurable one. Doing so in the smallest number of moves is the key to a big score so there's plenty of replay value if you fancy being a bit clever and seeing just how few blocks or taps you can do in each level.

Once you're past the few tutorial levels that introduce each new element as it occurs, you'll find the level difficulty ramps up substantially but as with all decent puzzlers, something that doesn't instantly jump out at you as a solution might occur to you when you're sitting on the crapper at 2 in the morning musing over life's little ironies. Good job then that the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad is the perfect platform for a game this easy to pick up but difficult to master.Thoroughly recommended if you've got 59p ratting around in your ripped denims.

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TheBoy - on 16/09/2010 at 20:58 wrote:
Saving Private Sheep and Finger Physics are two of my favourite games, so I'll definitely have to check this out.

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