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The rampant success of Angry Birds has seen virtually every iOS developer trying to emulate its success atop the App Store’s charts. That ‘just one more go’ ethos is the key to such a game and with Cut The Rope from developers Zeptolab and publishers Chillingo, there might just be a new kid in town.

Cut The Rope begins when a mysterious package arrives on your doorstep. Thankfully, instead of calling in the bomb disposal team, you eagerly open the box to find inside a cute little monster called Om Nom who has an insatiable appetite for candy. Tortuously for the little guy, all the candy has been tethered to the end of ropes which dangle tantalisingly out of reach with various obstacles in the way complicating matters further.

The goal of the game is thus to cut the ropes accordingly whilst avoiding the traps and so feeding you newly gained friend.

Of course, it’s simply not a case of snipping the rope allowing the candy to drop into Om Nom’s waiting gullet. The rope swings and sways with each cut often requiring quick reflexes in order to navigate the candy around spikes. You are also tasked with collecting 3 stars on each stage along the way. Often this requires you to manipulate the candy into areas away from Om Nom and so careful planning is required if you plan on collecting every star.

There are currently 4 stages each with their own speciality twist to differentiate between stages and keep things feeling fresh. For instance, spiders make an appearance and are both a help and hindrance by moving the candy around whilst also trying to claim the sugary treat for themselves. I particularly enjoyed the Foil box stage where movable (along tracks) buttons are introduced. These must be used to raise and lower the rope or move it left and right. This brings into play careful speed control as moving or jerking the rope can make the candy bounce into spikes or electricity. There are plenty of other twists too, such as floating bubbles and multi-touch rope cuts

Whilst Cut The Rope and Om Nom in particular look very cute and friendly, the game is far from being so kind natured. From quick reflexes to simply working out an order to cut the ropes, there is plenty of challenge to be had. It’s important to note though, that I don’t recall once feeling cheated out of victory through dodgy physics or controls. If I failed a level, it was simply because I cut the wrong rope, or didn’t time an action correctly.

Cut The Rope is a real gem of a game that will entertain all types of iOS owners. It might not quite have the staying power of those disgruntled birds, but little Om Nom certainly deserves his moment in the limelight and I’m sure he will get exactly that.

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Kay - on 12/10/2010 at 21:33 wrote:
I only downloaded this yesterday evening, and have already completed the first two stages (getting 3 stars on all but one level). Very addictive indeed, and gorgeously presented too. Pisses all over Angry Birds imo, though I never was a fan of that game.

Flying_Pig - on 13/10/2010 at 15:10 wrote:
Really enjoying this game. So simple, yet addictive, and managing to avoid the frustrations of Angry Birds.

TheBoy - on 13/10/2010 at 17:57 wrote:
Glad you are all enjoying it :) It's definitely one of my favourite games of recent times.

Kay - on 14/10/2010 at 15:39 wrote:
It seems we're not the only ones... now the fastest-selling iOS game ever with 1 million paid downloads in 10 days. O_o

Well deserved, too. I've had a couple of issues with some of the later levels when the movable buttons and ropes are close together, but other than that it simply is awesome. Frequent AB-style free updates with extra levels would be the icing on the cake.

peej - on 14/10/2010 at 15:44 wrote:
Nice little battle going in in the top 3-4 iTunes games at the moment. I reckon now Tetris has dropped to 59p that might end up doing quite well in the weeks to follow.

Train Yard is ace too and definitely worth checking out.

TheBoy - on 14/10/2010 at 17:13 wrote:
Wow, that's some going! I'm pleased for Zeptolab though as it's nice for that kind of accolade to go to an indie developer.

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