Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold - iOS Review

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Like many ‘lost’ genres, hidden object games have found a refreshing new lease of life on iOS. Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold originated as a PC game developed by Artogon in 2008 and is now finding a new home and audience on iOS courtesy of G5 Entertainment.

Treasure Seekers features a blend of finding hidden objects along with the occasional mini-game logic puzzle thrown in. You play as Nelly, a young girl of female pirate heritage who attempts to unravel her grandmother’s lost secret of hidden treasures. Nelly is joined in the adventure by her younger brother Tommy and will meet other interesting individuals along the way.

The game begins with Nelly alone in her bedroom – her parents having left the children alone in the house for the day whilst they frolic off to the city. Here you are introduced to the various gameplay mechanics. The first task is to find the object or area where hidden items must be placed. This is a little odd, as it’s quite possible to find objects before you actually know where to put them. Once located, a glowing circle appears with the items required shown on the outside. Then it is a simple case of tapping an object then dropping it into the circle. Later puzzles often require items to be collected for other items/areas before the final piece of another puzzle piece related to a different set is revealed. It’s not as complicated as it sounds!

Other tasks include collecting numerous amounts of the same item such as nails (yes, really), or using a magnifying glass to find runes or hidden markings.

After completing some hidden object sections you will be presented with a logic puzzle. These are fairly standard puzzles that you will have no doubt encountered before. Hitting switches to light up all lights or putting together jigsaw pieces. I did particularly enjoy the pentomino puzzles and found them a nice addition to the more ‘well used’ puzzles.

The various scenes in Treasure Seekers truly are lovely to look at and search. From the lighting effects in Nelly’s bedroom to laboratories and even underwater, everything is beautiful to look at. The characters are perhaps a little too twee and 1950’s americanised for my liking, but they do complement the story well.

There are however a few problems with Treasure Seekers – the first being one that is so often a problem with these kinds of games. Namely, items that you are tasked with collecting rarely have any real connection with the puzzle you are trying to complete. Many a random teapot, bucket or hammer is thrown into a puzzle with little to no reason why. Secondly, everything is well, rather easy. There is no time limit to find the items, nor is there any penalty for incorrectly tapping objects. The logic puzzles can even be skipped entirely once you’ve spent a few minutes trying to solve them. And if you are struggling to find an item, the hint button will lead you directly to it.

Game Centre achievements have been included which help add to the game experience. Achievements include finding objects quickly as well as story based accomplishments.

Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold is a beautiful looking game and is a lot of fun to play. The fun only lasts a few hours however, as it’s fairly simple to complete. If you are fan of hidden object games, then I see no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy playing this.


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