Boulder Dash XL coming to XBLA and Windows PCs

   09/11/2010 at 16:37       Phil May       3 COMMENTS.
Source - Kalypso Media
 - Boulder Dash XL, First Star Software, Kalypso, Xbox 360, PC

Boulder Dash Rocks was...well, colourful I guess - but the world's still waiting for a Boulder Dash game that captures the essence of the original C64 classic.

Could Boulder Dash XL be it? Kalypso Media and First Star Software certainly seem to think so with their updated all new 720p HD version of the classic jewel-collecting rock-tumbling game.

Features of Boulder Dash XL include:

  • An updated HD look and feel, featuring 720p graphics
  • 4 new game modes (“Arcade”, plus all new “Puzzle”, “Zen” and “Time Challenge”)
  • A Retro Mode offering 25 “retro” Caves for a total of five game modes in all
  • New scoring mechanism adding new excitement and challenges for High Score hunters
  • Four beautiful and varied game worlds
  • Over 150 all-new Caves to explore while battling monsters and grabbing gems
  • Online Ranking Lists/ Leaderboards
  • Achievements support

Particularly like the sound of retro mode. Bring it on, Rockford!

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Ironlungs76 - on 09/11/2010 at 17:50 wrote:
Retro mode does indeed sound great. I for one would buy this in a heartbeat.

Any rumours of dates?

peej - on 09/11/2010 at 17:55 wrote:
Nope, nothing in the PR blurb but I'd imagine it's going to be this side of Christmas.

Dang, I can still remember the sound the diamonds made when they fell. Quite beautiful. Let's hope retro mode takes its graphics and sound cues directly from the C64 versh.

Tiger_Walts - on 09/11/2010 at 20:56 wrote:
Does the theme music have an awesome harmonica solo?

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