Unofficial Minecraft App for iPhone Goes Live

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With over 500,000 paid users and still in alpha, Minecraft is the definition of an indie success story. The proceeds has allowed game creator Marcus Persson (Notch) form a proper company, with an office and staff, as well as fund his wedding. Written in Java it runs on pretty much any system that the Sun Java Virtual Machine has been written for and has the memory and CPU grunt to run the game. That's pretty much any personal computer you can buy right now. What it wont run on is any IOS platform. Apple are pretty strict about what 3rd party apps can and can't do with their hardware, the ability to run external code, scripts, or in any way interperet a user supplied language to control the device is one such restriction. No Java, no Minecraft. Until now.

Arriving on the App Store only a few hours ago is Minecrafted, note the 'ed' at the end. It's a pretty comprehensive reverse-engineering of the game's 'Creative Mode'. This is the free mode of the game that you can play on the official if you haven't paid for access to the ongoing alpha. Creative mode is no longer being developed and is little more than a benign sandbox for creating structures with limitless resources. It's completely different to the 'Survival' mode. A game where players must collect resources from the world in order to use them to build structures, or combine them to craft new materials, tools, and furnishings to scale the tech tree and keep safe from the monsters. Find out more in Tom Scholes' impression of it.

While clearly a fan created endeavor, and only an implementation of the game mode that's free to play, Minecrafted is still in violation of copyright. Minecraft fans over at who have the app have claimed that it requires a registration to play (required by the official game to allow you to save your worlds), whether a paid account is needed isn't clear, either way the app is still an unofficial clone. If Notch were to ask Apple to remove it, it'd be gone like a precious tool dropped in lava. Also in that same forum thread is a link to another unofficial and in-development iPhone implementation of Minecraft. That too would face the same fate. Looking at the website for Minecrafted's developer it seems permission had been sought from Notch but the app went live before an answer was received. It's a little cheeky but it may be that developers have little control over Apples approval process.

Notch seems to be off the grid (Twitter) at the moment, so probably doesn't know about it yet. There may be a chance that he endorses it as it's free advertising, and exactly what he's already offering. On the other hand, his new company, Mojang, has legal advisors who may convince him to contact Apple. The app would then be brought down quicker than you can say ssssssssssss, BOOM!

EDIT: And it looks like it's gone already, no trace of it on the store. Those Apple creepers really move fast once tipped off. Either that or the developer pulled it.

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