Keith Vaz has a new ally in the "all videogames are evil" argument

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Sue Fish, Assistant Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, has hit out at "extremely distateful" videogames in an attempt to forge a link between violent games and violent thugs.

In a Home Office Affairs Select Committee hearing looking into, amongst other things, the Cumbria shootings in which a non-gaming Cab driver went on the rampage killing 11 people, Fish pointed out that violent videogames do not help the situation and her argument was instantly taken up and siezed upon by renowned anti-gaming campaigner Keith Vaz.

Once again, the point was made that the Cumbria shootings had absolutely nothing to do with violent videogames, yet Mr Vaz reiterated his point twice before the Assistant Chief Constable (was it assistant's day out or something?) of Dorset Police, Adrian Whiting expressed less conviction about a possible link between games like Call of Duty and real-life events where gun nuts go gun-crazy.

Vaz, with the bit between his teeth, once again pressed Whiting on the subject. Whiting's final verdict was that "It's difficult directly to correlate between violence on video games, in films and on television and people's immediate activity, particularly in relation to the use of firearms. I think probably it is linked, but in a much broader sociological spectrum. I don't have any strong view that participation in such games leads inevitably, as it were, to some sort of crime commission.

I can understand why the concerns are there-as a parent myself, I share them-but I don't have a strong view that there is a clear link."

No direct conclusion was reached by the House of Commons Select Committee but once again good old Keithy babes proved one thing in the committee - he's a bit of a c*nt.

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