Black Ops' Multiplayer gimped by Hardline Pro exploit?

   28/11/2010 at 14:13       Richard Horne       2 COMMENTS.
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The Call of Duty community is as devious and as ingenious as any - probably more so due to its sheer size - but as a result its players are experts when it comes to finding sneaky little tips and tricks to help their cause in the game's phenomenal multiplayer.

And so it should come as no surprise to learn of the latest cheeky exploit.

The Hardline Pro perk is being deviously utilised in order to get 4 care packages options from as few as 5 kills. Hardline is a perk that lets you earn killstreak rewards for one less kill than is normal. The pro version, however, also lets you shuffle the contents of a care package. So say for example you get a counter spy-plane from a Care Package, one of the game's lesser desired killstreaks, using Hardline Pro you can shuffle the contents and if you get lucky, receive a helipcoter, attack dogs or mortar team.

Here's where the ingenuity comes in to play.

SAM Turrets and Sentry Guns, awarded for 3 and 5 kills respectively (4 and 5 when not using Hardline), are delivered by way of a care package. Hardline Pro can also be used to shuffle these. Which means that players who quickly rack up 5 kills and have the perk enabled are rewarded with 3 care packages. Which means, removing the SAM Turret and Sentry gun from the equation, that they have 4 possible decent killstreak rewards. Killstreaks which would normally require 7/8/9/11 kills.

Using this technique earlier, I successfully managed to call in 2 Gunships, 3 Chopper Gunners and countless Mortar Strikes, Valkyrie Rockets and Attack Helipcopter. And with a team-mate killing me every 5 kills and allowing me to start my streaks again, I managed 29/0 on the popular Array map. 29/0 because kills by team-mates don't count against you on Hardcore Teamdeathmath.

Whether this will be tweaked via an update to prevent the shuffling off SAM Turrets and Sentry Guns remains to be seen but Treyarch certainly has something to think about.

Have you too been suckered in by Treyarch's latest? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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