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Cartoon violence – is there anything funnier in life? From classic Tom and Jerry cartoons to Homer Simpson suffering immense pain, the sight of animated characters depicting each other to various acts of savagery is highly comical. Bulky Pix obviously agree as they have brought the web classic My Brute to iOS devices.

Many of you will already be familiar with My Brute from the aforementioned free online web version developed by Motion Twin. For those not aware allow me a run down of proceedings.

To begin with players must create a brute with which to send into battle. This can be done entirely at random via the naming of your character, or can be altered in many ways to fit your desired persona. These include obvious traits like gender and hair colour to finer details such as taped wrists or ninja masks. The amount of character customisation means that meeting another brute exactly the same as yours is highly unlikely.

Once settled on your brawler, you must decide on one of three fighting styles which will alter your overall stats accordingly.

Then it’s into the Arena to face off against your first foe!

You are given a choice of 3 opponents to face, each of whom is at a similar level to yourself. Picking your path carefully is the key to building your fighter’s stats. Losing isn’t a bad thing as you still pick up XP points, but fighting different styles and levels of opponents allows you to pick up new moves, weapons and pets.

Fights themselves are totally random based on your set of weapons and skills in relation to your foe. Much like a turn based RPG, the Brutes take it in turns to unleash fury on one another until only one is left standing.

You are restricted to taking part in 5 fights per 24 hours, which is a little constrictive and means daily play is required to attain any kind of dominating level. However once you do start picking up new weapons and pets, the desire to try them out on your next opponent is very strong indeed. Soon you’ll be calling into the Arena as regularly as you have your nightly cup of Horlicks.

And so we come back to the opening paragraph to discuss the real beauty of My Brute: the cartoon violence. The sight and surprise of suddenly seeing your red-headed schoolgirl opponent draw out a knife, charging over and striping you with it can’t fail to raise a chuckle. Even more so when you in reply pull out a heaving great wooden club wander over and clock her over the head. You’ll cry “no fair!” when meeting up against a black masked ninja with a couple of dogs and hefty grizzly bear at his control, with you having just a spear to defend yourself. And you’ll cackle manically when the rolls are reversed!

There’s more depth to My Brute than perhaps initially meets the eye. Stick with it for a few days and you’ll reveal more of what the game has to offer. From gaining pupils in your dojo, to hulking yourself up through potions, there is always something new to discover. My Brute has recently been updated to include Game Centre support and the in-app purchase of 3 different potions to bulk up yourself, pets and weapons.

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