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It must be really, really tough to make a 2D platform game these days. If we lived in a world without Mario then I imagine things would be a whole lot easier. Sadly (or fortunately, whichever side of the fence you are sat), our Italian plumber friend has been making thoroughly decent games look average for past 25 odd years.

Making a 2D platformer on iOS compounds matters further through the lack of buttons for which players are accustomed to in games that require quick reflexes to avoid plummeting to an untimely death.

Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure from OSAO Games places you in the shoes of a young blonde haired girl in the search for pieces of a treasure map. Along the way, you’ll earn the ability to call upon 3 shape shifting animal friends who can explore different areas of the levels.

Pixeline has a nice cartoon feel to the graphics with bold shapes and colours. Pixeline stands out well amongst the action as do the variety of baddies. In typical platform style, enemies are defeated by jumping atop of their heads. Badies range from fluffy balls of, er, fluff, to jumping blobs and pip-spitting plants. You will also encounter enemies that have evolved to survive in a platform game world by having pointy spikes on their heads!

Levels take in surroundings such as forest, ruins and slippy-slidey-slimey areas. Obstacles include crumbling roofs, moving platforms, spikes, falling platforms and green clouds that gradually fade away before reappearing.

On each level you are challenged to collect gold coins and open treasure chests. The number varies from level to level. Treasure chests also first require a key to be located meaning you often have to memorise passing a chest and travelling back later with the key. Naturally, there are numerous silver coins to collect on each level – 100 of which will earn Pixeline an extra life.

Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure features a nice twist with the introduction of animal transformations. These are introduced at the end of each completed world and allow previously un-navigational parts of levels to be explored. First comes a lizard capable of venturing into small tunnels, then a pink bird who can jump higher than Pixeline and finally a bear who flails his arms windmill style to defeat spike covered enemies.

Whilst later levels become a challenge of constantly transforming into the different characters, there is little reason to swing by earlier levels. This is a shame as some of the later levels with lots of exploration are cleverly designed. As it is, most levels can be completed 100% on a first run through. It would have been nice to have more secret areas to find once the three animal abilities had been discovered.

To control Pixeline along her travels, a small analogue slider (which self centres) in the lower left of the screen moves her left and right with a button in the lower right corner performs a jump. The slider works fine offering walk and run the further to push the slider, but it can also be a bit finicky when tight jumps are looming.
There are 23 levels to tackle spread over 5 different worlds. It is relatively easy and shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to polish off though.

Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure isn’t going to set the world alight with fantastic new ideas. However, as platform games on iOS go, this is highly acceptable and good fun once you get into it. I can’t really recommend an instant purchase, but if you do fancy trying a new platformer, then you’ll get enough entertainment to satisfy. I think this would also be a good option for newcomers and younger children to the genre.

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