New-Fight-Night-Champion-trailer-hits-canvas New Fight Night Champion trailer hits canvas

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EA is renowned for its ability to churn out high-quality annual updates to its marquee sports franchises.

FIFA, NHL, Madden and NBA are all prime examples of series that just about warrant yearly updates thanks to their ever-changing team rosters and gameplay improvements. Franchises like Tiger Woods and Fight Night on the other hand, not so much - though that doesn't stop the former. And so we await the next Fight Night release with baited breath. Can EA really improve upon the brilliance of Fight Night Round 4? Can it produce an ever more visceral and bloody visual representation of pugilism?

Fight Night Round Champion's unique selling point is its “all-new story-based Champion Mode or as one of more than 50 legends or future champions, battle your way to the top in the boxing revolution that builds upon the best-in-class gameplay and physics engine of the critically acclaimed Fight Night Round 4.”

Lucky for us then that there's a new trailer for the game and with the release date of March 1st almost upon us, it's not too long before we'll be able to see for ourselves.

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