Linkin-Park-Rock-Band-track-pack-incoming,-plus-massive-DLC-sale Linkin Park Rock Band track-pack incoming, plus massive DLC sale

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Harmonix has revealed that next week's DLC for the Rock Band series will take the form of a Linkin Park track pack. News which continues the recent trend of top quality downloadable content after similar releases from John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Queen and Johnny Cash.

The tracks available are:

  • Crawling
  • In The End
  • Numb
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Waiting For The End
  • What I’ve Done

The whole pack can be bought for $9.99, £4.99, €7.99, 800 MS points or 1,000 Wii points, depending on the flavour of your currency, with each track also available to purchase individually for $1.99, £0.99, €1.49 or 200 Wii points. As ever, pro Guitar or Bass parts which cost you an additional $0.99, £0.59 and €0.79.

And continuing that theme, until January the 11th, Harmonix will also be holding a DLC sale with various track packs reduced in price. Details below. Boom.

Oasis Pack 01 – 240 Points (was 440)
The Police Pack 01 – 240 Points (was 440)
The Offspring Pack 01 – 240 Points (was 440)
Nine Inch Nails Pack 01 – 240 Points (was 440)
Jimmy Buffett Pack 01 – 240 Points (was 440)
All That Remains Pack 01 – 240 Points (was 440)
Evanescence Pack 01 – 240 Points (was 440)
Rush Moving Pictures (album) – 440 Points (was 880)
The Cars (album) – 680 Points (was 1200)
Weezer Pack 02 – 240 Points (was 440)

Linkin Park then. Any good? Can't say they've ever been on my radar...

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