1-in-10-Singapore-kids- 1 in 10 Singapore kids "hopelessly addicted to games" says new study

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The thorny subject of games addiction has reared its none-too-welcome head again, with a new study finding that 1 in 10 children in Singapore could be classed as "addicted to videogames".

In a classroom study and poll, children were given questionnaires that detailed their social habits. Some of the questions seemed biased in favour of making a solid link between gaming and addiction (questions like "do you skip chores to game" or "do you play games to escape problems at home or at school").

Dr Mark Griffiths, Director of the International Gaming Research Centre at Nottingham Trent University, makes a slightly less alarmist case for the recent Singapore study's shortcomings.

"Videogames have directly replaced other hobbies and interests kids of other generations might have had" he said. "For instance, rather than watching television for 2-3 hours a day, kids will now game instead - yet we do not see television being classed as addictive in the same way we're beginning to see gaming described". 

Studies in Singapore and in the UK are ongoing. Dr Griffiths, who also recently took part in the BBC Panorama programme on game addiction, points out that the danger of relating gaming to other addictive behavioural patterns is that often games are seen as an easy way of addressing an individual's shortcomings and problems, rather than looking deeper into what could be the root causes of a person's obsession with any hobby, including gaming.

As Griffiths says, "If nine percent of children were genuinely addicted to video games there would be video game addiction clinics in every major city! There is a different between being interested in video games and being addicted to them."

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