Sony-could-roll-out-serial-numbers-for-games-to-combat-recent-hacking-and-piracy Sony could roll out serial numbers for games to combat recent hacking and piracy

   21/01/2011 at 16:08       Phil May       7 COMMENTS.
Source - PS3 Sense / Edge
 - Sony, Playstation 3, Anti piracy, Hacking, Serial Numbers

Oh dear. It's the 80s all over again. According to a Dutch PS3 site, Sony could resort to unique serial codes for new games as a result of the infamous GeoHot hack.

Now the Playstation 3 is a leaking mess of hacked-to-pieces swiss cheese when it comes to security, it could be the quickest solution to Sony's fears of a PS3 game piracy epidemic (serial numbers really work well, ask any PC game publisher or developer).

What this means for offline gamers, or the trade-in scene is anyone's guess but at the moment Sony is looking to plug an extremely substantial leak in the console's defences and desperate means call for desperate measures.

I say they go with the Jet Set Willy Colour Sheet. It's so pretty.

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