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Evidently feeling confident from a great return to form for the regular Championship Manager series on iOS, Beautiful Game Studios has released the first of what we presume will be a series of spin offs. As you can probably guess from the games’ title, this particular edition of CM is set entirely in the 1970’s.

The bulk of the game is essentially CM2011 wearing a sheepskin jacket and flares. The menu layouts, tactics, team selection, etc are all very much as they appear in the regular CM, but have been given a makeover with a more ‘classic’ and well, 1970’s feel to everything. The only real changes come from rule differences – there are only 2 subs available and the level of transfer values. These have been adjusted to reflect transfer values of the times.

During the breaks between game days, occasional news stories and pictures will pop up featuring real life events of the decade. This is a nice little touch and helps to engulf the player into the 1970’s further still. When it comes to match days, the sparking new stadia of current day football clubs have been altered to reflect their more dilapidated 70’s corrugated tin roof grounds - again, another nice little touch.

However graphics are pretty much the least important aspect when it comes to football manager games. No, it’s the match engine and how tinkering with tactics affect what happens on the pitch.

As mentioned before, the game runs and plays pretty much like CM2011. However, having played and reviewed CM2011 previously, the sheer amount of goals per game that I encountered came as quite a shock. My first run of games bore the following results: 5-3, 2-5, 3-3, 4-3, 2-5, 1-5, 5-2. In the penultimate two 5 goal matches, all 5 goals were scored by the same player. In addition to this, players were scoring hat-tricks or 4 goals like they were going out of fashion. I’d also like to point out that after the initial glut of conceding goals, I reverted to just about as defensive a formation as I could muster, plus signed an expensive Brazilian centre back and Emlyn Hughes. I even resorted to the playing style ‘none shall pass’ - which states that your team will try to grind out a 1-0 victory. My first result using this tactic? A 5-2 victory (with Alan Gilzean disobeying team orders and smashing in all 5).

It’s obviously not just me that goals fly in against either: A quick glance at the leading goalscorer charts reveals at least the top 20 players have better than a goal a game ratio. Many are approaching two per game and George Graham in top spot has a remarkable 30 in 13 league games!

Despite the obvious glaring flaw in the match engine, there’s still a very magical feeling when dealing with the great names and legends of the decade. Entering into negotiations to sign Kenny Dalglish from Celtic before Liverpool made him king, or discovering a 15 year old Diego Maradonna is truly a thrill. As is trying to recreate famous teams of the decade and attempting replicate their real life achievements.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite cover up for the frustrating match engine which is a real shame. Hopefully in the first updates things can be fine tuned to rectify this. The idea of managing classic teams and players is a brilliant idea and the bulk of a great game is firmly in place. So for now it’s more falling in the semi-finals in the League Cup – but at least there’s still time for FA Cup glory…

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