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There’s no denying that the biggest success stories on iOS devices have been built around the use of physics. From Angry Birds’ catapult and structure physics to the more recent Cut the Rope’s, erm, candy on rope physics. Throw in a mix of Tiki Totems, Saving Private Sheep and Cat Physics (plus many more) and you’ve got a hefty mix of game styles fighting for attention. And with so many titles to choose from, creating something new and different becomes tougher by the day.

Developed by FizzPow and published by Chillingo, Mummy’s Treasure is the latest release scrambling for a foot in App Store door. As the title suggests, the game is themed around Egyptian tombs and retrieving the gold contained within them. To do this you must clear the skeleton and mummy blocks from the screen leaving you free to whisk away the precious gold unobstructed.

All of the main pieces – gold, skeleton heads, etc – are formed into square blocks (with the occasional round gold block thrown in). Skeleton heads are removed with a simple tap, whilst the mummy heads require careful removal of platforms to allow gravity to take care of them. Whilst doing this, you need to keep the gold blocks safely on screen. It all sounds simple and essentially, it is.

However the difficulty soon ramps up as new twists are thrown into the mix. Perhaps the biggest being multiple direction gravity. This sees each block having its own gravitational pull depending on the direction in which it faces. With many blocks on screen at once, this makes for some very clever and interesting puzzles. Further twists come with, amongst other things, blocks on swinging ropes and the aforementioned rolling circular blocks.

Finally, to make matters slightly more complicated puzzles often require precision timing with which to undertake certain actions such as removing a block. The combination of timing and block removal results in a very devious puzzle game. You’ll no doubt need to retry levels many times and so thankfully levels can be restarted instantly with a button located in the top left corner.

Each level has a par score for the amount of moves in which to complete each puzzle. Achieving the target isn’t essential although it does add an extra challenge. Finally, gems are hidden behind some blocks. These are uncovered through tapping the block and then quickly tapping the gem before it flies off screen. The gem collection part I could do without, really. This is because it forces you to tap every block which in turn sends you over the par score – meaning you either have to reattempt the level (and memorise the gem locations), or settle for a lower score.

In amongst an ever increasingly crowded arena, Mummy’s Treasure always had a giant task to stand out. As it is, the game didn’t quite hold my attention in the way that others had previously. That isn’t to detract from what is still a high quality game and one certainly worth picking up if you’re looking for a physics fix.

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