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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If one were to follow this advice in Romance of Rome, it would suggest rummaging through peoples houses in search of random objects. Probably not what St Ambrose had in mind when first uttering the phrase!

Masters of the hidden object genre on iOS, G5 Entertainment are back with their latest conversion of a former PC hidden object game. Romance of Rome tells the tale of Marcus, a humble citizen of little note until he stumbles upon a young woman being attacked by a wolf. This sparks into life an adventure to discover stolen relics and win the hand in marriage of the girl he tried to rescue. That the girl in question just happens to be the emperor’s daughter might just make things a little trickier for Marcus.

Each chapter begins with a cartoon strip layout telling the story and introducing characters. The characters are also voiced, although somewhat sloppily there are a few occasions where the speech doesn’t match up with the text. The voice acting is pretty basic and to be honest, I could happily live without it.

Of course, the voice acting is quite possibly the least important part of a hidden object game. The important part focuses entirely on how attractive the scenes are and how well concealed the objects are. I’m delighted to say that both are excellent. Areas range from inside houses, to a tavern, mill and market. Each one is really beautifully drawn and makes you eager to see the next scene. In all there are 17 unique areas spread across 7 story chapters, although somewhat disappointingly, most areas are visited a couple of times to help extend the game to 30 levels.

As for finding the hidden objects amongst the scenery, you’re going to need the eyes of an eagle (not to mention a magpie for those shiny objects). Unlike previous G5Entertainment’s hidden object games, finding the multitude of items is super tough. This is due to the fact items are often cleverly overlaid on background objects so they blend in almost seamlessly. Other tricks used include only showing part of an object or having them lurking amongst shadows so they appear a darker colour than that shown in the inventory list.

A hint system is in place should you be totally stuck – a quick tap of the hint button will guide you towards an object. The button then slowly replenishes ready to use again. However, the hint button should be firmly off limits lest you wish to scupper your achievement gaining opportunities!

To tie in the story of Marcus’ quest to marry the emperor’s daughter, gold coins are awarded for each item found. To complete each chapter you must use the gold to equip Marcus in the finest regalia, jewels and, even a faithful hound. Doing so raises Marcus’ status from that of peasant to, well, man worthy of marrying an emperor’s daughter.

Romance of Rome maintains G5 Entertainment’s high standards in the hidden object genre. If you have enjoyed any of their previous efforts, then I have no doubts you’ll be overjoyed with this. For newcomers, it may prove a little daunting at first due to how tough many of the objects are to find. But it shouldn’t take too long to become fully engrossed in the gorgeous scenery and discover a really top notch game.

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peej - on 21/02/2011 at 08:40 wrote:
I'd kill for a proper 'rome' game on iOS. No idea why no one's thought of doing something caesar-esque for the iPad at least, it would be an ace platform for it.

This sounds like a novel twist on the hidden object game, love the artwork!

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