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Birds and iPhones, what is it about that combintion that seems to spell "instant million seller"? Perhaps it's the fact that two of the biggest selling games on IOS are so perfectly suited to the platform they're running on that the bird thing is just a strange coincidence.

Stealing Angry Birds' thunder is no mean feat, but in a few short weeks a simple but beautifully crafted game called Tiny Wings has entered the big league.

Developer Andreas Illiger's game has a sweet and simple premise. You are a bird with tiny wings (no, really?), and because your short stubby flight surfaces aren't enough to propel you through the firmament, you resort to sneakily sliding on your belly down undulating slopes to give you that extra bit of lift. Collecting point globes and boost items along the way will also give you a much needed lift.

Tiny Wings is all about timing and near-pixel-perfect judgement. Touching the screen anywhere will pull your birdy's wings in, allowing it to scud along the bumpy ground. Hit a slope just right and your bird will coast down it, achieving lift-off once it hits the next bump.

The idea is to get as far as possible in the short timed 'day' you're flying for. As soon as the sun sinks in the sky and the moon rises, you're on borrowed time and if you're not quick enough your little bird will settle down on its nest to roost for the night. At that point it's game over and time to restart.

And restart you will. Many, many times until you suddenly realise it's 2AM, you're still no further than the 5th beautifully coloured and shaded island, and no matter how hard you try, there's always one nasty bump that your bird seems to hit face-first, slowing it down to a complete standstill.

Unlike Angry Birds, Tiny Wings' simple appeal isn't so much in the variation in levels (though each time you play, the game's procedural graphics do offer a distinctly different set of colours and challenges to each island you coast across), it's that all important ever-increasing score. The further you get, and the more score globes you hoover up in your hungry beak, the better your score and the better your bragging rights.

Any regular visitors to the app store can't have failed to notice that the 'biggest seller' icons have all changed to that tiny winged bird and his cute gaping beak. For 59p, possibly one of the bargains of the year so far, you'll soon find out why and like so many recent IOS games, you'll end up playing one of the most satisfying portable time sinks of the year.

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