3D-Twist---Match---iOS-Review 3D Twist & Match – iOS Review

   09/03/2011 at 09:40       Drew Bower       0 COMMENTS. - Score 3/5
 - BulkyPix, 3D Objects, Puzzle Game, iOS, iPhone

There’s a classic child’s learning toy that we’ve all probably seen (or if we can remember that far back, played with) that involves placing items into their correspondingly shaped holes. 3D Twist and Match has a similar idea in that it tasks you with rotating 3D objects until they match up with the on screen silhouette.

Helping to turning this idea into a more entertaining and frantic affair comes a time limit and bonus multipliers. In the main gameplay mode you need to match up as many objects as possible before your time runs out. If you take too long over an object, the screen begins to shake before it auto skips to the next object. Matching up and item to its silhouette in the least amount of moves delivers an ‘awesome’ remark and begins a score multiplier. Going on a run of chaining together awesomes will soon turn into ‘super awesome’ and thus bigger scores.

To manipulate items, there are three moves at your disposal: swiping up/down or left/right flips in the desired direction and a half circle motion rotates. However in my experience, the controls often got mixed up which resulted in a frustrating flip instead of rotation.

As you complete stages, items become available in practice mode. Here you can concentrate on a single object to become familiar with how it looks from different angles. Finally, there’s a third mode titled rush. Here you continually match up objects, but this time one mistake and the game ends.

Each stage has a certain theme such as vehicles, sports or Christmas. Objects range from a scooter, racing flag and helmet in the vehicles section to Santa, snowflakes and roast turkey for Christmas. Backgrounds are all nicely bold and colourful whilst the objects themselves are angular which assists in making them clearer to match up.

Whilst there are plenty of themes to see in 3D Twist & Match, the whole experience is rather flat and uninspiring. There just isn’t enough gameplay variety to hold your attention for very long. The controls are also prone to frustrate which doesn’t encourage repeat plays. It’s not a bad game at all, just a fairly average one that will pass a few bus trips but don't expect too much more.

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