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 - Cover Orange, iOS, FDG Entertainment, Cloudy, with a chance of sulphuric acid

The secret to a successful physics-based game seems to be obvious to me now. Take the most ludicrous game setting imaginable, add physics and the finished product will be made of golden win.

As a shining example of this slightly dodgy theory, take Cover Orange. The game's central theme involves protecting cute cuddly doe-eyed little oranges from an evil acid rain cloud hell bent on their destruction.

Yes, you can almost hear Hollywood clamouring at the gates for the film rights. Let's face it, a 2 hour movie about the plight of a brave band of citrus fruits sure beats the hell out of remaking Blade Runner.

Cover Orange is a tried and tested formula you've probably seen before in many, many guises on iOS but like all the best physics-based puzzlers, it does something just that little bit different to make it worth spending all your bubblegum money on this week.

Though it's not a new game (I originally stuck it on the iPod back before Christmas) it's certainly one that deserves a lot more attention, particularly if you're finding the whole 'Angry Birds' thing a bit tiresome and old by now.

Cover Orange is broken up into different challenge areas but the basic premise is to provide a safe shelter for your fruity chums by using a series of different components and chain reactions to keep 'em covered before the nasty grey cloud comes along and rains on their parade.

Deliciously pitched with a gradual learning curve, Cover Orange starts off by giving you simple blocks and barrels to place in strategic positions around the landscape in order to provide safe havens. Later though, each level contains extra elements that provide the opportunity to trigger off a series of events to make sure your oranges get to cover quickly and safely. Losing even one spells doom, so you've sometimes got to be pretty quick with your fingers.

Physics plays a part in the game in several forms. Some scenic elements are hinged, on rollers, or slippery enough to slide into place so you can use dropped elements to manipulate these sometimes. Explosive charges make an appearance later on in the game too, and any slight touch or tap on one of these will be enough to trigger it (and hopefully not blow your oranges to bits in the process).

Later still, you'll find bizarre machines and crawling robotic devices that can be used to either transport or push your oranges into place under cover. Each level seems so neatly designed that even though a solution might not instantly present itself, a bit of tinkering and lateral thinking usually provides an answer.

Where Cover Orange scores highly is in the way it uses an extremely simple (and fairly repetitive) idea as the basis for a satisfyingly varied set of challenges. Though the app store is overrun with physics games, Cover Orange is definitely one of the better games for 59p.

There's not really much to pick holes in. From time to time block placement can be a little fiddly if your fat fingers obscure what you're trying to move or the area you're trying to place something, but the game does provide linear 'drop guides' to help you place objects more accurately.

Sound's a little on the grating side. Cute and cuddly noises can swiftly become a bit annoying but if (like me) you choose to play with the sound turned off, you probably won't notice or care.

Other than these niggling small points, Cover Orange should satisfy anyone looking for their next physics fix. There's a lite version of the game to get your teeth into, packed full of juicy examples of clever level design but with the full game costing so little, you'd have to be the tightest tightwad in the world not to grab the full fat version.

FDG Entertainment are working on a sequel at the moment so keep 'em peeled for more news on that as we get it.

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