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If you happened to check out the first Gobliiins remake back in November of last year, you’ll probably have slipped into one of two states upon seeing the release of sequel Gobliins 2: Unrepentant joy or your eyes will be glazed over recounting being subjected to the spiteful difficulty. Assuming that if you’re reading this, you probably enjoyed the first game, I shall continue.

Gobliins 2 begins when the King's son, the Prince Buffoon, is kidnapped by the evil Amoniak. Two talented goblins named Fingus and Winkle volunteer to take on the task of rescuing the Prince. The two have almost opposite personalities and react differently to situations and the way in which they interact with objects. Fingus is well mannered and intelligent whilst Winkle lacks mental fortitude but is incredibly brave. Working out which goblin to use on objects or people is the key to progress in the game.

As in Gobliiins, puzzles are spread across several single screens. An improvement over the original sees the introduction of hotspots. These are blue spots that clearly indicate where an action or event can take place. This helps immeasurably, especially as the puzzles are no less fiendish. Despite there only being two goblins, you’ll still seriously need to think outside of the box to make sense of the puzzles. Thankfully there is an in game hints system that is easily accessed at any time via the menu button. Hints are split into 3 parts with the first giving you a simple overview of your main goal. The second tells you how to get started and the third giving a blow-by blow account of what you need to do.

A Further improvement sees the goblin’s life meter discarded completely. This means you can try out different ideas without fear of losing precious health.

Graphically, Gobliins 2 is very much faithful to the original. Purists may disagree, but I’d liked to have seen things spruced up a bit – especially on a retina screen. The humour still comes across nice and clear though with the reactions of the goblins in particular often raising a smile.

The control system has also been improved with the cursor moving no matter where you touch the screen. You can also swap between goblins via the cursor, although you’ll probably use the dedicated button to do this. One slight annoyance comes when the goblins are too close together which stops you from performing actions on nearby hotspots. To remedy this, you need to make one goblin walk to another spot to try again. This is a little frustrating when the goblins are required to be close together such as hitting a switch to activate a platform.

Ultimately, your enjoyment of goblins 2 will come down to whether you enjoy the undeniably tough challenge. It may not have the finesse of modern day point and click games, but it’s still highly playable and rewarding. However those looking for a simple distraction may do themselves a favour and save their sanity.

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