Gathering-together-all-the-daft-Wii-2-rumours... Gathering together all the daft Wii 2 rumours...

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So what exactly are Nintendo cooking up in their R & D department? Rumour has it that the world's about to get squished under a megaton announcement at E3 concerning the followup to Nintendo's mega-successful dust magnet the Wii with something equally as odd.

Trawling through various internet sites we've collated the most interesting rumours together to see how many actually end up having a grain of truth to them when E3 rolls into town in a few months.

Rumour 1: "The controllers are like the iPhone" says French gaming site Basically the site (which broke the news about Sony's NGP ahead of an official announcement) claims that Wii 2 controllers feature a 6" HD screen as a backup control system for the traditional motion sensing and pointing stuff. The rumour also states that the new controllers can be used as a sensor bar (?) and have a plethora of buttons in addition to touch screen stuff (which is good because anyone who uses an iPhone for gaming will tell you how bloody awful they are for the majority of game control methods)

Fact? seems to have an uncanny knack for getting this one right but a 6" HD screen sounds a bit meaty and Nintendo would need to keep costs down per unit to get people to buy more than one. Guesses are that it'll be a miniaturized version of the screens you see on the DS.

Rumour 2: The system has been in development since 2008 (according to IGN). This mysterious little nugget keeps cropping up in IGN's coverage of the Wii 2 and it's based loosely on an announcement by Satoru Iwata at a Shareholder's meeting. Basically the big chief detailed the strategy for replacing the Wii when it was a mere couple of years into its lifecycle.

Fact? If Nintendo is rolling out a new console in 2012, a four year development cycle is pretty long by today's standards but if it's a significant upgrade and not just "The Wii Plus" there's every reason to believe it's been around a lot longer than you'd think

Rumour 3: Several leading developers already have development kits. Mutterings and twitter trash talk mostly, but a few sites are quoting Ubisoft and other big publishers / developers as 'seeing the true power of the Wii 2' and being impressed by it. There's even a rumour that the Unreal 3 engine lives quite happily on the new tech, suggesting a significant leap in power over what we're used to with the Wii.

Fact? Again it would be ludicrous to assume that developers aren't playing with SOMETHING new if a console is being released in a year and a half's time. One thing Nintendo really would need to do would be to climb into bed with third party developers who have pretty much kept the Wii going through some very scant release schedules and lean years. Nintendo has a robust and realistic view of how useful big third parties are to its continued success so the chances are that a chosen elite are wrestling with the inner workings of Wii 2 SDKs even as we speak.

Rumour 4: No backward compatibility this time. Again this cropped up in a roundup of Wii 2 rumours over at IGN and it seemed to spin a story that Nintendo is looking to win the hardcore gamers back, completely removing the Wii branding or any fussy backward compatibility for the existing machine. In fact the two markets can continue independently of each other, with the Wii slashed in price and being cheap enough for casual gamers to keep supporting it, but the new console satisfying the game needs of graphics nerds hungry for their next power-boosted console. 

Fact? It'd be a surprising (and gutsy) move if Nintendo did put out something completely new and non BC. There is an argument for maintaining both casual and serious markets but I'd be very surprised if the new machine doesn't offer the rather tempting carrot of upscaling all your old Wii stuff to full HD as a way of tempting existing owners to trade up their hardware and opt for the new machine while still being able to play their existing games.

Rumour: The new Wii controller is effectively a gaming device in its own right. Full games can be streamed to the device from the bigger console allowing on-the-move gaming. Joystiq and IGN are going with this one and though it all sounds a little familiar (Dreamcast VMUs anyone?) it's possible that the added screen functionality might give developers the room to offer stripped down gameplay elements in a portable format, or even DLC that can be downloaded to the controller, played independently with results then later synchronised with the main console.

Fact? Sounds daft but also has a ring of truth about it. Certainly some integration with the 3DS would probably be more sensible but no reason why the controller couldn't be a VMU2.

Rumour: Nintendo has something a little more radical than motion control in mind this time round. Think mind control and virtual reality. 

Fact? In a chimp's cock!


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