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   18/04/2011 at 13:50       Phil May       2 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - A.I.R Defense, Colorbox, Chillingo, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The retrogaming wunderkid in me still loves anything that uses old-skool vector graphics as its artistic inspiration. I touched a Vectrex once, and I had the honour of attaining the highest score on our college cafe's "Asteroids Deluxe" cabinet.

So A.I.R Defense won me over straight away with its visuals. Colorbox have taken the traditional Tower Defence formula and given it several upgrades and boosts creating something that's more reminiscent of those fast and frenetic chaos management games (like Flight Control) than your average everyday TD tedium.

Presentation is slick and satisfying and it takes next to no time to get into the core game mode. As a heroic base commander it's up to you to stand between freedom and being enslaved by a nasty bunch of alien freaks intent on turning the earth into a rich tasty chunk-filled broth.

Manning a base chock full of armaments, it's up to you to place different upgrade elements and actually take the fight to the invading hordes directly with choppers, planes and scout ships.

At first glance the game looks a lot like Bizarre Creations' sublime Geometry Wars series but that's where the resemblance ends. A.I.R Defense starts off a lot more sedately paced, and the initial skirmishes steer the player more at gradually building up something quite spectacular to take the enemy apart with.

As you progress, more and more upgrades can be 'bought' and strapped onto your defence platform. Resupply drops ship in weapons and the more points you score (with some nifty little achievement-like bonuses awarded for skilful kills) the more virtual dosh you get to spend on pimping up your battle station. Your defences are either triggered automatically by enemies coming into range, or you can draw out combat paths (flight control style) to send your most powerful ships out to deal with the enemy directly.

Enemies start off as sluggish tanks and crawlers but soon you get to scrap it out with vast boss enemies and other attackers that can literally turn your battle station into a heap of smoking metal (or a bunch of gently glowing radioactive polygons).

A.I.R Defense has a neat gradual learning curve which builds to a satisfying crescendo of chaos as things get busier. I'm not normally a fan of tower defence stuff but this ended up being extremely addictive, and for the launch price of 59p on iTunes it's something of a bargain. There's Gamecenter support in there too just in case you're the sort of braggardly soul who likes rubbing your achievements in your friend's faces.

Great little game, well worth a look.


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