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The last time that Pastagames joined forces with BulkyPix, iOS gamers were treated to the rather brilliant retro inspired platformer, Pix ‘N Love Rush. Now the two have combined again to release Burn it All: Journey to the Sun.

Burn it All is a puzzle game based around burning ropes with three little fire bugs who each have their own unique way of setting fire to stuff. The aim is to burn all flammable objects on screen before the time limit expires. As with previous App Store smash hits such as Cut the Rope and some game involving disgruntled feathered creatures, the concept is simple enough for anyone to pick up and play. The question of course is can it instantly grab your attention and hold it there?

The game begins by introducing you to the first flame and the basics of how to play. You can control the flame’s movement from anywhere on the screen, but you’ll probably want to stick your finger right on top for accuracy. Here you drag him towards the end of a rope and set it ablaze. Then it’s a case of watching the rope gradually burn itself into ash and the level is complete. Each level has a time limit to beat. Levels are also timed by ‘out of three’ time targets with crystals being awarded for beating a level in double quick time. This of course helps to encourage repeated plays in an attempt to ace each level.

As the early levels progress, different grade ropes are introduced that burn at different rates. The Red & black ropes burn very slowly, whilst light blue ropes react like they have been soaked in petrol. Further twists introduced include flying bats to block your path to ropes, and knots that spread the flames along multiple paths.

Progressing onto the second world, the second and third flames get involved in the action. Due to their unique abilities, further gameplay twists open up and really make things tricky. The blue flame can start fires anywhere along a rope (not just the tips) and also burn the wooden cut outs that are thrown into the mix. Finally the green pyromaniac comes into play. This bug acts like a flaming buzz-saw spinning his way through anything flammable in his path until running out of flame. I actually found the green character the most difficult to use as it’s tricky to keep track of how much ‘power’ you have left. Thus often I would cut through differing amounts of rope on one turn than the next. I also had a slight problem with the blue bug setting fire to something due to accidently brushing it whilst trying to manoeuvre past. But this is very minor nitpicking as the controls do work well.

At the beginning of world 3 comes a surprising twist that really spices things up and keeps the whole thing feeling fresh. Here two firebugs team up to take on the level. First you play through with one flame, then time loops over and you work away with the second flame as your actions with the first repeat. This means you really have to work out a good strategy if you want all three crystals.

There are 4 worlds each split into 25 levels making a tasty 100 levels to master with more levels promised in future updates. Combined with collecting 3 crystals and GameCentre achievements to unlock there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

With so many nice touches and clever elements Burn it All is a recommended purchase. The gameplay is quirky with a very friendly learning curve which leads to that ‘one more go’ mentality. There always seems to be something new to encounter and most of all its good fun.

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