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   12/05/2011 at 07:49       Drew Bower       0 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
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When I first heard about Catch the Candy and saw a few screen shots, I have to admit that I assumed BulkyPix had published a Cut the Rope clone. The game has all the hallmarks of Zeptolab’s iOS classic: a cute little monster as the main character that craves candy and must navigate obstacles to obtain it. However after getting my hands on the game, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was really nothing like the rope cutting game.

In fact, Catch the Candy would best be described as a cross between iOS cult classics Hook Champ and Ragdoll Blaster. You control a blue furry monster that sadly has to rely on his elasticated tongue to move around. Thankfully for our limbless friend, his tongue has a sucker on the end that will stick to pretty much anything from wires to palm trees. This is handy as you’ll need to guide your new friend around various obstacles in order to grab his much desired candy.

To guide the monster you simply tap a spot on screen to make him shoot out his tongue and grab on to any (well, almost any) piece of scenery it hits. Holding the spot will draw his tongue back in forcing his body to move towards the spot he’s holding on to. As soon as you let go of the screen, the furball releases his grip and reacts accordingly to how he was travelling when you let go. So he may continue to skid along the ground, or catapult forward for instance.

Oddly for a game of this nature there are no targets or goals to be met such as catching the candy in under a par score. Instead you are free to make as many moves as you like leaving only your own sense of satisfaction as an indication of ‘doing well’ on a level. There are GameCentre and OpenFeint achievements to unlock though, which does help give some targets to aim for.

There’s a nice variety of challenges amongst the levels. From hitching a ride on the back of a truck to firing a cannon to the more imaginative potting balls on a pool table and slinging the monster through a basketball hoop – there has obviously been a lot of thought put into them. There are 53 stages to work your way through which whilst not being a massive amount will keep you occupied for a couple of hours. And of course you can always go back to try and beat your previous scores should you desire those achievement points.

There is however a slight sticking point in the control scheme. Namely the fact your finger occasionally covers up the screen making it tricky to judge your next move. Because you often have to take quick aim as the monster flies through the air things can get a bit fiddly when trying to take a precise aim. This doesn’t affect every level as you can usually point to a spot beyond where you want to grab, but on the (slightly too many) occasions your view is obscured it can be somewhat frustrating.

Despite the slight issue with the controls, Catch the Candy is still well worth checking out. The bright and colourful cartoon style looks great and the level designs are very clever and creative indeed which delivers a fair challenge – especially if you want to claim the achievements for completing the game in under the collective amount of moves.

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