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Supermarkets are pretty much my least favourite place on earth. Cesspits and war zones have got nothing on trawling around a Tesco on a Saturday afternoon. Dealing with the cacophony of ignorant and oblivious shoppers is often more than my feeble man-brain can cope with. By the time the booze aisle comes into view I’m usually ready to take a swing at the next person who won’t move a trolley or tries to take the corner of an aisle in the wrong direction. It’s a minor miracle I’ve never gone postal to be quite frank.

So playing Supermarket Mania 2 would probably not be highest on my normal agenda!

Thankfully SM2 doesn’t task you with actually going to a supermarket and instead has you managing a shop. You play as Nikki who, after successfully defeating the robot supermarket staff in SM1, moves to Tinsletown to help out Uncle Ross’s troubled supermarket chain.

The story is told via a simple comic strip that introduces characters. The in game graphics look deliciously brilliant with nice clear shop layouts that make spotting empty shelves easy enough.

Your daily routine involves keeping shelves stocked, the floor clean and tidy and serving customers. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Well as with most time management games, further twists are introduced that complicate matters and require your utmost concentration to achieve big scores. Some tasks such as brewing coffee for simpleton customers who can’t be trusted not to scald themselves or preparing smoothies require the gathering of other items. Baking croissants meanwhile requires you to set the oven going and then come back later to take the tasty treat to the shelf.

Other jobs that keep Nikki on her twinkle toes include gathering items for a home delivery man, cleaning up after maniac kids and fixing broken (or sabotaged) machines.

To instruct Nikki on what tasks to undertake and the order in which to do them, you simply tap on a shelf, oven, etc. and a red number one appears. Further taps on other areas will number them two, three and so on. Nikki then zooms around the supermarket filling the shelves or whatever you told her to do in the order you selected them.

Each stage has two target scores to aim for – normal and expert. To claim an expert ranking you will need to concentrate hard and make the best use of your time. Gaining expert scores helps bring in extra cash with which you can spend on a multitude of upgrades. There are apparently 200 different upgrades to purchase so claiming them all will keep you busy for quite some time. Clever use of your upgrades is also advisable. For instance the purchase of a robotic floor sweeper frees Nikki from doing the time consuming cleaning. Upgrading shelf capacities is also pretty essential if you want to help build your uncle’s empire. Other upgrades include a jukebox to calm any impatient shoppers and a gumball machine to provide impulse purchase extra income.

Not being a massive fan of time management games (again that’s probably my feeble man-brain at fault), I actually really enjoyed SM2. However despite the many twists and gameplay additions I did find things a little repetitive. If you’re a fan of time management games though, Supermarket Mania 2 is a very high quality game and well worth spending your time downloading.

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