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The iPlatform might be showing off its technical prowess with the sheer graphical grunt of the newer generation of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches - but let's not forget what the things are best at. The success of games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope demonstrate that you don't need whizzy 3D game engines or retina display graphics to make a successful foray into the app store. Engaging gameplay with a novel twist and satisfying controls can win out over eye candy.

So it's with that in mind that I jumped into Spoing, a physics-based slingshot game that might not set the world on fire in the visual stakes (though it's not really that ugly, I quite liked the mostly monochrome style) but is certainly extremely playable, addictive and best of all, cheap.

For 59p, Spoing offers 50 levels of challenging vertical gameplay. Imagine the catapults of Angry Birds flipped on their side and placeable anywhere, allowing you to help your cute little Spoing character to escape from the cavernous depths of doom.

Spoing's controls are nigh-on perfect for touch screens. First you draw a bouncy platform to propel your character skywards, then you land on it, drag your character back and then flick 'em into space. Strategic placement of platforms is a must and thankfully you can scroll around to gauge the most successful route through each level.

The caverns are fraught with danger. Nasty cave-dwelling enemies are out to stop you, and avoiding them takes skill and strategic thinking.

Spoing is available in Universal versions (59p on iTunes) and HD for you iPadders (£1.19).

If you like games like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds or Parachute Ninja this should definitely be next on your list. It's extremely playable, horribly addictive and has plenty of nifty little options (as well as Game Center support) to keep you occupied into the wee small hours.

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