July's-Babe-of-the-Month:-Juri-Han July's Babe of the Month: Juri Han

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Character select: Juri!Don’t let Juri Han’s attractive exterior fool you: this sultry vixen is rotten to the core. All at once seductive and sadistic, Juri is a South Korean taekwondo expert you don’t want to mess with. As a member of the shady Shadaloo Intimidation Network, Juri carries out her violent duties with sick pleasure and lust for destruction.  She will gladly consume all in her path with sick spider-like satisfaction, even telling her rival M. Bison: "I'll just eat you up. Bones and all.”


Ready to fight!Juri was a highly regarded fighter even at the young age of 15, when her family was brutally murdered by the evil S.I.N. organisation.  Was it the bloodlust she gained from seeing her parents savagely killed that made her join S.I.N., or was it just Juri's ploy to get revenge from within the organisation? Whatever the reason,  it led to her receiving an operation from S.I.N. which imbued her left eye socket with the Feng Shui Engine,  which dramatically boosts her ki – and that’s bad news for anyone who crosses her path.


Juri ready for action... figure, that is!Working under Seth, the CEO of S.I.N., she plays into Seth’s plans to take down M. Bison, and makes enemies of Chun Li, Cammy, and Guile along the way. Ultimately, however, Juri is no man’s pawn, and her true motives are her own: Juri desires to eliminate both Seth and M. Bison in order to take over the S.I.N. organisation for herself. Will she succeed? We wouldn’t bet against her.



Designer fashion!Juri's appearance stems from an initial desire to create an “evil, sexy” character, according to design director Takashi Kamei. Producer Yoshinori Ono suggested that Juri should show off some “side boob” in order to achieve this sexy look, resulting in her trademark revealing eight-strapped spider top. As a taekwondo practitioner who focuses on kicks, Juri is designed with a slim upper body, setting her apart from the manlier builds of the other Street Fighter ladies. 


Juri in the flesh!Juri is fast gaining popularity among gamers worldwide, while gaining reasonable favour among even harsh gaming critics. But it also seems that all the girls want to be her, as evidenced by her popularity within the cosplay circuit, where young attractive girls dress up in their favourite skimpy Juri outfits.




Juri winding down after a tense fightJuri's set to rock your PC this month, as her flagship game Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition hits the Windows platform. You can also check her out in any other Super Street Fighter IV edition. And who knows? Perhaps the next time we see her, she may be the queen of the evil organisation known as S.I.N.  – and then the Street Fighter universe would truly be doomed!


Featured on right: artwork from Chris O'Toole.



Juri engages in tense battle with her nemesis Chun Li!


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