10-reasons-why-Modern-Warfare-3-might-just-be-the-best-Call-of-Duty-game-yet 10 reasons why Modern Warfare 3 might just be the best Call of Duty game yet

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Support Packages

Previous Call of Duty games have always been dominated by ultra-cagey, defensive campers who will 'turtle' into a corner and carefully pick people off, thus building up their kill streaks and unleashing holy hell by way of AC130, Chopper Gunner or, heaven forbid, the 25 kill-streak Nuke. This time around, however, thanks to the introduction of the Support Strike package, players who earn kills, attack and defend as well as completing team-based objectives regardless of what kill-to-death ratio it leaves them with, can also be rewarded in just the same way. Instead of earning kill-streaks you earn point-streaks, and best of all, the meter doesn't reset every time you get killed. So, if you score 18 kills in a round, you'll be rewarded with the 18 point Escorted Emergency Airdrop regardless of how many times you died!

Prestige Shop

Every time you prestige In Modern Warfare 3 you will receive a prestige token which can be spent in the Prestige Shop. Items range from 2 hours of double XP to unique prestige-only emblems and titles. And, perhaps best of all, Modern Warfare 3 recognises when you've 'prestiged' in previous Call of Duty games and will give you additional tokens. As a result, upon first loading the game and accessing the prestige store, I already 4 tokens from my efforts in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, World at war, Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Prestige token get!

Kill Confirmed

Never one to rest on its proverbial laurels, Infinity Ward has added a new game mode to Modern Warfare 3 called Kill Confirmed. When you kill an enemy, the kill isn't actually confirmed until you collect the dog tag they leave behind. Of course, kills can be denied by enemies collecting tags before you and an extra layer of strategy is added as you balance the line between charging around like a mad man, or luring enemy units into your sights with a carefully defended dog tag.

No Shotgun Snipers

one of the biggest issues with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was how the shotgun was classified as a secondary weapon. This meant a lot of players employed a long-range sniper rifle as their primary weapons as well as hugely powerful dual-wielded shotguns as their secondary weapon, which, in the right hands was a devastatingly over-powered combination. Thankfully, with Modern Warfare 3, shotguns have been classified as a primary weapon meaning an end to this particularly annoying tactic.

Survival Mode

Taking a leaf out of Epic and Gears of War 3's horde mode, Infinity Ward has introduced Survival mode to Modern Warfare 3. A two player co-operative experience, Survival sees you facing off against increasing-in-difficulty (excuse the pun) hordes of enemies ranging from soldiers, dogs, suicide bombers and snipers, to choppers, air strikes and sentry guns. With 16 maps, a whole other layer of RPG-like upgrades and two player online co-op, it's another exciting addition to what's already a well fleshed out title.

The Specialist Class

Another new addition to the series is the specialist strike upgrade. Instead of unlocking offensive and defensive streaks as you kill enemies, it's now possible to unlock additional perks for 2, 4, 6 and 8 kills respectively. Get 8 consecutive kills without dying and you unlock every single perk in the game until next you die. It's a risky strategy but with huge rewards, as in the right hands it makes for a devastating configuration.

New Kill Streaks

Infinity Ward has been devilishly clever with its new kill streaks offering both offensive and defensive options to suit all play styles. The phenomenal strafe run sees 5 helicopters fly back and forth across the map picking off any easy targets. While the remote assault drone allows you to take control of a remote-controlled armoured robot that uses its tank-tracks to zip around the maps while you hide in a corner picking off enemes using its infra-red vision and explosive weaponry.

The Revenge Deathstreak

Deathstreaks were first introduced with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and were a way for new players, or not particularly good players, to be given a temporary competitive advantage in order to help level the playing field. Modern Warfare 3 features numerous new deathstreaks but the best by far is the revenge streak which highlights the person that last killed you with a visible target above their head no matter how far away from you they are in the map. When you've been head-shotted by the same guy 4 times in a row, you can now let your anger get the better of you as you make it your mission to hunt down the 'camping bastard' and dish out some retribution by way of a SMAW rocket to the gonads.

Weapon XP

In previous Call of Duty games it was you the player that ranked up over time and not your weapons or equipment. With Modern Warfare 3's introduction of weapon XP, the more you use a weapon the better you'll get with it and the more proficiencies you'll unlock. Take a weapon to level 31 and you'll unlock the enviable gold camo skin and a suitably 'blingy' emblem and call sign which your friends, and enemies can sit back and admire. Or mock.

Devastation on an Epic scale

Modern Warfare 3's single player campaign features devastation and destruction on an epic scale never seen before in a Call of Duty game. From the game's opening level set in war-torn New York to its dramatic conclusion, it's a relentless thrill ride and rounds off what is arguably, The Orange Box aside, the best value-for-money game currently available for this-generation consoles.

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