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I would love to have been a fly on the wall for this development pitch at Crytek.  As a company known for it’s serious, high-tech first person shooters (Crysis, Far Cry etc), it would take ballsy producer to pitch the game we have here.

Fibble is a bright, bold and cutesy puzzle-platformer – a far cry away from anything this developer has produced before, so the question is whether they’ve managed to deliver another quality gaming experience, or floundered so fat out of their comfort zone.

In short; Fibble is brilliant.  It brilliantly blends a simple puzzle concept with some light physics-based platforming, melding it into something accessible yet offering sufficient depth to keep you entertained across all 30 levels.

You control Fibble; a small, legless alien who gets separated from his crew following a crash landing in the attic of a house.  As you proceed through the four different areas of the house, Fibble finds these friends, who you must then use in later levels effectively enhancing your abilities.  This is essential, as Fibble (the character) is a bit of a one-trick-pony.  At the start of each level, you simply draw your finger back and let go, flinging the little blob across the level and watching as he bounces off walls and eventually to the exit.  

The magic of this game is in how you indirectly effect Fibble’s movement though the levels; one friend launches him into the air, while another can change his direction.  Although simple in concept, the possibilities are endless, and each level adds just enough variety over what’s come before to keep you entertained.  Furthermore, while one of the weaknesses of a touch-screen interface is that’s it can be overwhelmed by complex controls, interactions in Fibble are simplicity itself – a simple tap of the screen is always sufficient.  The key, and skill, is timing.

While the first half of the game offers a fairly gentle introduction to the game, once you get into the third area, the difficulty really ramps up, with sprawling levels, and criss-crossing pathways.  Furthermore, while Fibble’s friends are placed automatically in earlier levels, as you progress, this is something you’re expected to do (albeit on the clearly marked green crosses); deciding which of your found friends to place to ensure a swift journey through the level.

Again, earlier in the game, the level designs are fairly forgiving in terms of getting your timing right, but as you move through the levels you margin for error gets ever smaller, to the point where you need to execute half a dozen or so perfectly timed taps to get safely through the level.

While Fibble HD is priced towards the higher end on the App Store, it really does deliver an enthralling and challenging gaming experience. And while some may complain that 30 levels is hardly a significant number, Crytek does promise another chunk of content in the near future to keep those demanding players satisfied.

What we do have is a very pretty puzzler, with some pitch-perfect platforming and enough depth to keep you entertained right to the end.  If this is a sign of things to come from Crytek, then iOS gamers owe a lot of thanks to that ballsy producer.


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evilashchris - on 05/05/2013 at 15:19 wrote:
Looks quite cute :D

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Better late than never, eh Ror?
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Enjoyed this, cheers!
evilashchris - In response to: Reflecting on the Life of a Tomb Raider - 293day(s) ago.
Looks who's back. Shady's back.
GOD - In response to: Sniper Elite 4 Review - Xbox One - 623day(s) ago.
Micro Machines was my favourite!
ClaytonNotClive - In response to: Mantis Burn Racing Review - 665day(s) ago.
i agree chris, the Aliens table makes the others look bad.. because its so goood!! but they arent that bad.. haha! ...
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