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You've got to wonder just how Surrey-based Team 17 have stayed in 'the game' so long, when other developers from the golden age of gaming have fallen by the wayside. Particularly when that team are pretty much focused on one product, continuously rehashed, reinvented and re-released for new hungry gaming audiences who thrive on innovation and graphical wizardry. 

(Actually that last bit's not really true any more is it. Gamers just hoover up any old shite really).

Worms - It's the brand that keeps on keeping on. From its humble pixellated low-end 2D origins on hoary old home computers and early PCs, through to its failed bid to move to 3D, then back again to a garish cartoonish multi-coloured monstrosity, you'd be forgiven for thinking I'm going to be horribly cynical about the latest Worms game for XBLA - Worms Revolution. 

But I can't. I just can't. You see, I remember the hours I sank into the original Worms and I most definitely remember how lunchtime Worms sessions at work brought out the very best and worst in my game-playing colleagues. And despite a hefty makeover, and a goodly dose of physics and other shoehorned-in goodies that make this version of Worms 'Revolutionary' the real important elements have stayed put. 

First though you have to wade through the tutorial mode, aided and abetted by someone called Matt Berry (who I'm reliably informed is "So funny, he'll completely fuck your spleen up man!" but I'd actually never heard of him before someone pointed out who he was). It's quite ironic that during the tutorials you'll hear little squeaky wormy voices uttering "It's like watching paint dry" because it is at times, and it would've been really nice to have been able to completely skip the tutorial mode to get your teeth straight into the game's main single player mode - Campaign. 

Once in though, this is where the real Wormy goodness begins, kicking off with a traditional Deathmatch - four against four, with the array of new weapons, physics effects, water effects and splash damage complimenting what is essentially the main reason the Worms series has endured when others have failed - that bloody awesome gameplay. 

Campaign mode sticks in some objective-based stuff too, but it's good to see that the chaotic and sometimes accidental triggered events are retained, truly meaning that no two games are the same. 

I was a little freaked out when I first started playing because I thought Worms Revolution had cleverly dug through my 360 and a really old gamesave for an older version of Worms to pick my main team member names (Lister - closely followed by Rimmer, Cat and Kryten - otherwise known as the Red Dwarfers) but it was just a strange coincidence I think. Nevertheless, it made me slightly paranoid all the same!

The shift back to 2D is so welcome though, as are the new Worm types. Yep, this time round you don't have to put up with just one type of squirmy little WormSoldier, you've got four main types to play with. Soldiers are the all-rounders, great with weapons and fairly nimble. Scientists are complete boffins. They might be a bit thick but they can do things with crates and physics-based items that no other worms can. Grunts are big, brawny and about as nimble as a hippo but can take a lot of damage before they check out. Last but not least, Scouts are super quick and nimble, able to wriggle into tiny spaces but as weak as kittens when hit. 

It's up to you how you tailor your custom team for your own deathmatch setups, and it's also up to you how you change the game's landscapes, rules and regs just as you've probably seen in previous Worms games. 

All in all though, it boils down to how keen your eye is for using the various ranged weapons on your opponent before moving in for the kill at close quarters, and how lucky you are if things go wrong and you do a 'Whizzo', chucking a grenade out only for it to bounce back off a random bit of scenery to blow up at your team's feet (I still wake up screaming in the middle of the night remembering him doing this in Ghost Recon sessions - "GRENADE OUT! ARRRGHHH! BOOM!")

1200 points might seem a bit steep, and you may well be pretty jaded and grumpy about the fact that Team 17 are still knocking these bloody games out. But play the demo (wince through the tutorial and try and get into a deathmatch at least) and you'll realise how they've pulled off the rather neat trick of surviving the chop for so long. 

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