Redrum:-Dead-Diary--iOS-Review Redrum: Dead Diary iOS Review

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 - G5 Entertainment, Anarchy Enterprises, Hidden Object, Murder, Casual

The Christmas season is steadily upon us, a time when joy, peace and happiness is aimed to be spread around. So rather sensibly, our good chums at G5 Entertainment have decided now is as good a time as any to release their latest HOG. Redrum: Dead Diary features lots of cute little puppies, happy smiling faces and plenty of humour throughout. Oh hang on, I’ve hit the wrong icon on my iPod...

In actual fact, Dead Diary focuses on death, murder and the paranormal and in particular a young girl named Rose. Rose is a special girl who, as it turns out, can communicate with the recently deceased. Unfortunately, her parents are in the midst of a divorce and her rich father decides she’s not normal and thus sends poor Rose into the hands of Doctor Sigmund Fraud. Yes, that’s Fraud.

The story is narrated via emails between the bickering parents, the good doctor’s casebook, Rose’s ‘Dead Diary’ and her Detective uncle’s notepad. Whilst the story is quite gripping, the actual script feels a bit amateurish and somewhat cheesy. The aforementioned emails for instance end bemusingly with terms such as ‘your concerned wife’ that don’t really fit in with the obvious madness or indeed the starkness of what is happening.

Each of the seven chapters focuses on a murder case being investigated by Rose’s uncle. As it transpires, the murder victim(s) decide to communicate with Rose in order to solve the case. The murders are often quite graphic (not there is ever a cheerful murder of course!) with themes such as dentist’s using sulphuric acid, or turning a child’s bones into piano keys.

Each chapter is split into a number of various styles. You’ll begin with finding a text based list of hidden objects. Rather annoyingly, the items are listed on a scrollable wheel that only shows two items at time and worse still, they don’t disappear once you find them. It’s not a major problem of course, but it is very sloppy. You’ll then move on to matching rectangular and hexagonal tiles to those in a large picture, finding objects from a silhouette list and finally finding a large number of the same item, before returning to another text list.

It’s actually a quite short and simple game to play through, which would have been ideal for younger players. But the adult theme rules this option out, so more competent players may feel a little under-challenged. Overall though, Dead Diary is a pretty solid and enjoyable hidden object game that tries to mix things up and deliver a pretty gruesome adventure.

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