Green-Jelly---iOS-Review Green Jelly iOS Review

   20/12/2012 at 17:35       Drew Bower       0 COMMENTS. - Score 3/5
 - G5 Entertainment,, Physics, Puzzle, Candy

Ok listen up, right? I’ve got this freaking awesome idea for a game... It’s based around physics, using a catapult style for movement. You need to collect three items on each stage before getting to the exit. There will be obstacles gradually added as you progress to make things trickier. It will have a cute little monster type critter as the main character. Oh and get this – this is the best bit – the whole game with have a candy theme to it! Can you imagine! This game will be brilliant! Sorry, what - Cut the Rope? What’s that? Catch the Candy? Nope, never heard of it...

I suppose it was inevitable really. After the blazing success of the rope based cutting game and the one about some disgruntled birds, there would be a rush to fill iOS owner’s devices with similarly styled games. However, wouldn’t it be nice if developers could come up with a new, more exciting theme?

Despite the identikit theme, the question that requires an answer would be is the game different enough to warrant a purchase? Well, let’s find out.

The game works by first attaching your little green friend to a series of pegs by simply dragging his jellified body towards one that is close enough to reach. The gelatinous one can be anchored to up to three pegs at once. Once attached, you can pull backwards on the jelly before releasing to catapult him into the air along the dotted line curve that serves as a guide. As he tumbles, he’ll automatically stick to any peg in his path. Along with catapulting forward, you can also slice through a single attached jelly limb to fall gracefully towards the ground.

Naturally, things start out quite straight forward as you learn the ropes but soon ramp up in difficulty with obstacles such as spiky balls and spinning pegs ready to spoil your day. Located on each level are the obligatory three pieces of candy to collect. Collecting these sweet treats goes towards opening up further stages.

Upon reaching your gingerbread house to complete a level you receive a score based on your performance and time taken to complete the level. Rather curiously, there is no on screen timer to take note of. So you’re pretty much left to guess how quickly you’re expected to complete a level in order to obtain a bonus score.

There are currently three stages available to unlock and play – cake, chocolate and waffles. Disappointingly, and perhaps inevitably due to the theme choices, there’s a heck of a lot of brown going on in the background. Whilst you obviously don’t want anything too distracting going on in the background, it does feel a little unimaginative and flat.

The actual gameplay mechanics are sound enough and it’s certainly a fun, yet challenging and sbsorbing experience to play. It’s just a shame there is nothing to really set the game apart from a multitude of others. Any physics game buff will get plenty of entertainment out of Green Jelly, but it’s hard to say this is an essential purchase.

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