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   09/02/2013 at 16:06       Drew Bower       0 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - G5 Entertainment, Specialbit Studio, Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure

G5 Entertainment are back once again, clutching their latest hidden object close to their heaving bosom and shouting “play my baby, please, play my baby”. Ok, so they aren’t really doing that, but they have released another HOG and one assumes they would quite like you to play it.

Inbetween Land begins when a whopping great floating island appears above a city. Instead of the army sending up one or two missiles, the seemingly deserted island becomes a tourist attraction. Things take a turn for the worse when your friend Mary disappears after a beam of light is seen emitting from the island. You then decide to find and save Mary and thus begins your search of hidden objects and puzzle solving.

The island itself is very atmospheric and you genuinely feel like you are wandering around a mysterious unknown land with numerous hidden surprises. Clicking on the eyeball icon reveals all the available exits and hotspots you can explore. Whilst some may prefer to wander around blindly, I was quite thankful of the guidance.

As has happened in a number of recent HOG releases, the pure hidden object scenes take something of a back seat and instead the game focuses on picking up useful items often hidden behind numerous puzzles. The puzzles themselves are tricky enough and are nicely presented. However, the array of tile sliding, switch pressing and logic puzzles are all variations on those you will probably have encountered before.

When you do come across a hidden object scene they feature a nice twist to make things a little more interesting. Instead of sniffing out a large single list of mostly useless filler items, they are instead broken up into smaller groups. As you find all the objects in a group, they form to create an item to use on the same screen to access another hidden object in another group. It gives some feeling of purpose to finding a bunch of objects, rather than just finding stuff for the sake of it.

What you get with Inbetween Land is a perfectly solid and enjoyable hidden object adventure game. There is perhaps nothing to stand out as brilliant, but there’s also very little to say is wrong. I would argue it doesn’t quite hit the heights of G5’s recent Artifex Mundi releases, but it’s certainly a more than above average title. The standard casual, normal and expert game modes allow players or all tastes to enjoy the adventure too.

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