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   11/04/2013 at 14:07       Drew Bower       2 COMMENTS. - Score 2/5
 - G5 Entertainment, Cateia Games, Hidden Object, Puzzle, Casual

What do you call a hidden object game when the objects you’re tasked with finding are not listed in any way? Bloody stupid would be one way to describe it, I’d say! Another way would be to not class it as a hidden object game and instead slot it into the point and click genre. Either way, what we’ve got here is G5E’s latest iOS release, Where Angels Cry courtesy of developers Cateia Games.

The story places you in the robes of a monk sent to a medieval monastery at the behest of the Cardinal to investigate why some of the holy dudes are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. And to top things off, a statue has started crying blood. Sounds like a fairly average day to me.

After starting with a quite acceptable cinematic intro you are dumped outside the monastery where the graphics take a slight downward turn. Games of this genre pretty much have to excel in this area and so the rather average surroundings of Where Angels Cry are a bit of a disappointment. They are by no means bad, but they lack any kind of interesting locations or scenery.

The graphics are perhaps a victim of the curious gameplay choice mentioned in the review intro. Namely, that you are at no point given any guide or suggestion as to exactly what objects you’re supposed to be on the lookout for. Instead you are given a rather vague task like ‘investigate the church’ and are left to find the mystery items that you need to continue. Thus you find yourself looking intently for anything that stands out slightly from the rest of the background. Almost inevitably this means you’ll end up going pixel hunting tapping on every single spot of the screen hoping to drop lucky on something you’ve missed through ‘honest’ hunting.

I think that it’s fair enough to let you wander around looking for the occasional object(s) that are not pointed out to you, but for instance one task set by a fellow monk is to find his missing hand tools. If I was in my brown full-length hooded top looking for some chaps tool box contents, I might find it easier to firstly ask him exactly what he’s missing?

As it is, you’ll no doubt end up resorting to numerous jabs at the hint button, even if it’s just to confirm there is nothing else left in a particular area.

To break up the guesswork hidden object sections, you will encounter a number of puzzles to solve. Whilst they have pretty much all been selected from the Big Book of Casual Game Puzzles, they are presented nicely and offer a decent challenge to solve. As a big fan of the Picross games, I was also excited to see a couple of these puzzles make an appearance. However, they are shamefully easy to solve which is a real shame as the more bog-standard puzzles offer much more of a challenge.

The overall experience of playing Where Angels Cry is by no means going to bring you to tears, but unfortunately, it’s simply nothing special. The initial intriguing setting of the story never really expands out until you reach an ending that feels rather rushed. Any hidden object junkies will likely still get enough pleasure from the title to warrant a purchase but it’s not one to recommend to casual dabblers.

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nekotcha - on 11/04/2013 at 17:59 wrote:
There are 'hidden object junkies'!? Good grief.

TheBoy - on 11/04/2013 at 18:51 wrote:
Haha, they make enough of the things, so there must be some of them out there buying 'em!

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