The-Night-of-the-Rabbit-PC-Preview The Night of the Rabbit PC Preview

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The point and click adventure game is a long tradition amongst PC gamers, and there is often talk of it being a dead, or dying genre. You might have even noticed Double Fine games recently making a rather large fuss about Kickstarting it back into life, well for Daedalic Entertainment those fires have always been burning. Daedalic is one of Germany's most acclaimed developers, garnering numerous awards for adventure games such as Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, Deponia and The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, and they have also published such lofty fare as Machinarium, Tales of Monkey Island and the quite wonderful Torchlight II.

All of which tells us precisely nothing about Daedalic's new game, The Night of the Rabbit, of which I have had the pleasure of playing an early build this last week. In the game you fill the shoes of twelve year old Jeremias Hazelnut, whose greatest dream is to become a magician and become a master the craft. Over the last two days of his summer holidays his dream finally seems to coming to fruition, after some puzzling on your part, he pulls a dapper rabbit, the Marquis de Hoto, out of the proverbial hat. The Marquis then offers Jerry an apprenticeship, so that he can finally realise his dreams of becoming a real Wizard.

Now, at the risk of outing myself as a bit of an old codger here, tNotR pushes all of my nostalgia buttons, the characters and voice acting could have been popped from the very same mould that made Jamie and the Magic Torch, a late 70's cartoon THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. For folks that aren't as old as me this means it has some of that charming Cosgrove Hall children's television magic about it, this is a very good thing people.

Also in the good thing category we can pop the controls, everything is controlled with the mouse and scroll wheel, making for some effortless and efficient gaming ( read: lazy arsed, feet up, don't need to be over the keyboard gaming). The tale being told is also quite gripping, you really feel as if you are heading out on a great summer adventure, with just the right amount of sinister foreboding being drip fed into your eye-holes along the way. It even stopped my daughter in her tracks and she came and sat down to watch me play (tell me what to do).

The one thing that did irk me a little was sometimes the game makes you do things in a certain order, for example at one point you have to put several things into a can, but the game really doesn't like it if you don't put them in according to the list you are given, it's a minor niggle, but it threw me for a little while, and who knows by the time the game is released at the end of May it might have been polished out. I know that my daughter and I can't wait to find out.

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