Red-Crow-Mysteries--Legion---iOS-Review Red Crow Mysteries: Legion iOS Review

   02/05/2013 at 12:40       Drew Bower       0 COMMENTS. - Score 3/5
 - G5 Entertainment, Cateia Games, Hidden Object, Puzzle Adventure, Casual

It’s fairly safe to say I wasn’t exactly impressed with Cateia Games most recent hidden object/point and click adventure, Where Angels Cry. So it was with some trepidation that I took on the task of playing their latest release, once again via our old chums G5 Entertainment, Red Crow Mysteries: Legion.

My biggest gripe with Where Angels Cry centred on the fact you were left with little option than to go pixel hunting in search of the complete mystery items you needed to find. So it was a welcome sight to be greeted with three very sensible difficulty levels upon starting the game. Easy lists all the items on each screen you need to find along with faster charging hints and sparkly areas of interest. Medium has similar qualities, but hints charge slower for instance. And finally, Hard that lets you run around blind and basically torture your poor soul.

What is also nice to discover is that the difficulty can be changed on the fly at any time. So if you did fancy more of a challenge only to then find out you’d much prefer a bit of guidance, you’re free to switch them as much as you like.

The graphical style mirrors that of the storyline – dark and ghostly. There are lots of areas where dim lights illuminate the scene and especially towards the end of the game, when you’ll investigate by torchlight. Whilst many games conceal items far too much in dark areas, I don’t recall many instances where I cursed the placement of an object purely because it was hidden in pitch black. The few characters you encounter suffer from a lack of any animation, although I suppose it does add to the creepy atmosphere that the living people you meet look like that have just been dug back up!

For the most part though you are left to wander around on your own seeking out the multitude of useful objects needed to progress. Often you will find yourself with an inventory overflowing with items that can’t actually be used until you have solved other puzzles or found more objects. So it becomes quite common to partially place three or four items into a puzzle and then come back to it 10 minutes later with another missing piece.

As for the many puzzles within the game, they have once again been selected from the Bumper Book of Hidden Object Game Puzzles (originally published in 1653 under the title “Public House Teasers to Accrue Ale”). There is the usual mix of logic, jigsaw and memory puzzles that shouldn’t tax you for too long. Apart from one particular Picross style puzzle that unfortunately has an incorrect number and thus throws you completely off! But I’d like to think this will be fixed fairly sharpish in an update.

The story of a young woman being guided by the ghosts of her departed mother and grandfather in a dangerous battle against a mysterious chap named Legion is certainly an intriguing one. However I had a nagging feeling heading into the final chapter that matters would be left unfinished and those fears were founded when the game comes to a fairly abrupt ending.

Unfortunately the overall feeling I have towards Red Crow Mysteries is that of spectacularly average. It does pretty much nothing special or exciting, and yet it does little to warrant being abused. So whilst I hate myself for dipping into my own copy of Tired Game Review Clichés, the simplest way to sum up the game is to say this is really only going to appeal to fans of the hidden object/puzzle adventure genre. Occasional dabblers won’t have too much to complain about should they pick it up, but there are much better alternatives.

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