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When the good old British weather throws hail stones at you in the middle of May, and instead of enjoying a nice stroll in the sun with the dogs, you’re cursing at the slashing rain in your waterproofs, the prospect of spending time on Miami Beach sounds pretty sweet. Unfortunately, Build It! Miami Beach Resort will leave you with little time to enjoy the beach as you’ll be too busy erecting numerous hotels, diners and parks.

Whilst a game of this nature doesn’t particularly need much of a storyline, there of course is one: The game begins in 1919 with a young Claire Parker having an up and down day. First she gets fired and then she discovers her Uncle has left her an inheritance on the condition she uses the land to build a resort on Miami Beach.

You then being playing in 1920 with a large stretch of open land ripe for knocking up a hotel or two. Each level plays out as one year and you must achieve the set goals before the year is out. Bonus money is awarded for finishing before July 1, which as you might guess, comes in handy.

The real twist with Miami Beach Resort comes with the fact you continue to use your existing layout on each subsequent level. Thus you steadily craft your resort, fine tuning it with each year to the goals you are tasked with completing.

The sorts of goals you are asked to achieve are fairly basic at first such as build a hotel and paint it blue. However, things soon become more complicated when other criteria gets added to the mix. Instead of just building something anywhere you desire, you’ll be given tasks such as ‘build a diner close to a yellow hotel sunrise but far away from a shop’. As you can expect, you’ll need to think on your feet very quickly to work out where best to fulfil each request.

Further complications arise with a limited number of building permits available on each level meaning sometimes you might have to demolish a building or two in order to build the newly required establishments. However, if you randomly knock down a hotel or bungalow you risk going under the required occupancy level and similarly turning a park into a bar reduces your attractiveness rating.

After the first decade has been successfully navigated you’ll being to encounter natural disasters that will wipe out buildings. Also opened up after the year 1930 is the aptly named ‘riot mode’. This is a nice little addition that allows you to wreak havoc upon your resort by tapping on each building to destroy them all as quickly as possible. This doesn’t affect your main game resort but it’s a pleasing stress reliever/time waster when you’re perhaps stuck on a level!

Unfortunately the game’s best feature is also my biggest disappointment. The fact that you stay with your same resort from 1920 all the way through to retirement in 1960, should mean you become attached due to your hard work.  However the fast and frantic nature of getting things completed in a short space of time means you don’t have chance to carefully craft the layout and thus you’ll end up with things placed haphazardly and without much care or attention.

This situation is perhaps unavoidable within the time management gameplay style and of course there are plenty of other city simulators out there. But maybe if there was just a little more time to use up on each level it would give that extra incentive to plan more carefully? For instance, if the game clock paused whilst you read the current goals list, that would give you the extra in game month you desire.

Still, this is taking away from what is a very nice time management game that will seriously test out your ability to think quickly. There is plenty of challenge and it’s highly satisfying when you complete the final task and see the calendar still displaying June.

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