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   19/07/2013 at 10:37       Drew Bower       0 COMMENTS. - Score 3/5
 - G5 Entertainment, Cateia Games, Casual, Puzzle, Hidden Object

How would you react if a group of your co-workers announced that the big project you had all been working on was in fact a grand plan to open up a portal that will make you all immortal, even though it may be at cost to the rest of the world? That’s pretty much the gist of G5 Games and Cateia Games latest release, Twin Moons.

You play as Jack, who after a car crash has lost his memory. After experiencing a few fuzzy flashbacks he begins to recall being a participant in some kind of dangerous experiment. Thus he must piece together information and rediscover just what the heck has been going on.

Twin Moons is described as a ‘hidden object adventure’ however I would say this does the game an instant disservice. First of all, there is not even one single traditional hidden object scene in the entire game, which is nice. Instead, much like a point and click game, you tap suspicious looking spots and gather together useful items that will be used at some point to solve puzzles or unlock new areas.

Previous Cateia Games titles have all featured very hammy acting, and Twin Moons doesn’t let the side down here. The characters you meet are all very lifeless in the way they are animated. Even though they are supposed to be pretty lifeless, I think it’s merely coincidental that they are animated as such! That said, the cheesy acting does kind of add to the B-movie feel to the storyline. The scenes and locations that you visit though are all much nicer to look at and investigate.

The grounds of the abandoned Twin Moons Institute in which you explore becomes something of a maze with numerous exits to different locations in each screen. You are helped out by having optional exit markers on display and, even more handily, a map that tracks your progress. The map is easily your best friend throughout the game, allowing you to tap on each location that you have visited before and showing you a small thumbnail to help jog your memory and then warping to instantly rather than constantly having to backtrack. Depending on your chosen difficulty level, you can also have the map indicate the location where an action can be performed. This means that unless you are some kind of sadist and playing on hard, you can happily skip to each important location, find or use the items and get on with your life.

As perhaps expected, the usual variety of puzzles make an appearance to break up play. As has become almost customary to say, there is nothing out of the ordinary although on the whole they are presented nice and clearly.

Twin Moons is easily the best of Cateia Games iOS releases to date and even when the story begins to get pretty daft towards the end, I did find myself quite happy to see things through. The game features a ‘choose your own ending’, but despite the positives, I’m not sure many will bother to play through a second time just to see what might otherwise happen. But If you want something fairly sedate to entertain yourself and don’t fancy reading a book, then Twin Moons is a decent enough choice.

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