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   23/07/2013 at 14:16       Alice O'Toole       3 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - Deadpool, PC, 360, PS3, Marvel

Deadpool, mainly starring Deadpool (duh) and Cable, along with other Marvel Comics characters such as Rogue, Wolverine, Domino, and even Death herself, is a refreshing, pervy and, at times, quite tricky game that I would recommend for gaming Marvel fans, gamers, or just plain Marvel comic book fans. Developed by High Moon Studios developers of the well received Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and published by Activision. The game is written by Daniel Way, who's worked on comics such as Wolverine: Origins, Supreme Power: Nighthawk, and the plain old Wolverine title, so you know at least the script is in a safe pair of hands.

We start off in Deadpool's apartment, which we get to explore and generally just mess around with. Right off the bat, you get two achievements, just for getting Deadpool off of his ass. If you stroke the dog, prepare to laugh and be disgusted as Deadpool shouts in horror “Red rocket, RED ROCKET!” when said dog jumps up at him. You can also go into the bathroom and make Deadpool take a dump, which shows you his horrifically scarred legs. Poor guy.

The mission part of the game seems to start off with one objective: Kill Mister Sinister and the dudes that get in your way. Gameplay is quite easy, if not a little confusing at times, but there are some sweet combos and weapons that you can buy and upgrade throughout the game using points that you get from either finding them or kicking bad guy asses. If you kick the ass well enough, you get bonus points and 'momentum' which can be built up to do a special move.

I found some parts of the game to be extraordinarily pretty, especially when Deadpool finds himself on the island of Genosha.The dialogue, however crude, Is humorous, with a sprinkling (heck, more like a bucket full) of profanities, with most of them being aimed at the gamer themselves. It's funny as hell, and very, very similar to the humour of the comics, keeping with the immense breaking of the fourth wall theme that Deadpool does so well. Personally, my favourite part of the entire game is when Deadpool makes 'beep boop' noises when he presses buttons.

Sinister isn't the only enemy you have to fight though, oh no. You have to kill your way through his seemingly never ending army of clones, and other baddies, such as Blockbuster and several other C-list villains like Vertigo. Blegh. To quote the game, she has 'the worst power ever'. She still kicks Deadpool's ass, though.

However, as good as the game is, I found some problems with the autosave, and it sometimes sent me all the way back to the beginning level, even though I'd passed it aaaages ago. All in all though Deadpool is a super-fun game, with some great graphics, interesting and varied combos, and my personal favourite, the super awesome 'sneak attacks'

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