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Remember those good old action films of the 80's and 90's? You know, the ones were you'd lose count of the explosions, four baddies would be plugged for every minute of film stock burnt through, and the heroes were fairly unintelligible one-man-armies full of muscles and pithy one-liners. Well developers Rubicon Organization certainly do in this Koch Media/Deep Silver published love letter to anabolic steroid abuse.

Taking the form of a twin-stick shooter Narco Terror is almost as much of a throwback in terms of gameplay as it is in its setting, but this is no veiled criticism, this game knows exactly what it is doing. Using your left stick to move and your right stick to fire in any direction you like, you'll soon be blasting your way through the hoards of criminal drug producing scum on the way to rescue your kidnapped daughter. If you enjoyed Smash TV, Ikari Warriors, or for you young pups out there who have no idea what I'm talking about, Dead Nation, you will be right at home here.

The action in Narco Terror is fast and furious, never letting up for a second, there aren't even any menu screens for your ammo power ups and upgrades, when you have accumulated enough money or a special ammo type a tug of the trigger and a push of the stick will see your upgrade implemented with nary a pause in your one man killing spree. Well, assuming you are playing single player that is, for Narco terror supports drop-in drop-out co-op play, making it extremely easy for you to double your fun by wallowing in the rivers of scumbag blood with a friend, you'll actually want to do this too as co-op is a real hoot, and you will soon be shouting at (or deadening the arm of if in local co-op) your partner for nicking that last box of health when it was clearly you that needed it more. 

On the PC version reviewed the graphics are great, with lush jungle backdrops and moodily lit warehouses rendered with a really smooth frame-rate and no sign of tearing, you don't have many options to fiddle with, but then why would you want to when you could be killing? Unfortunately I did stumble across a couple of bugs in co-op which forced me to load in again from the chapter start, though with each section being short and sweet it wasn't too much of a pain in the bum. 

Narco Terror also realises that, shock, horror, you may actually get bored of the carnage at some points so helpfully includes a couple of scrolling shooter sections in which you control a plane in bullet hell, and a level in which you control the Gatling gun of a covering helicopter, I could have played more of that actually, I really enjoyed that bit. At around six hours long Narco terror isn't going to outstay it's welcome, but it also retains that pull of the co-op, so revisiting it to finish off getting your weapon upgrades with friends will always be an option. For eight quid (or £7.20 on Steam if you are quick) Narco Terror is a really fun arcade shooter, and to quote that bloody annoying advert, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

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